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Orgasm is a much more automatic response for men than it is for women. Men do not even need to have any feelings of love and romance to climax, but not for women. For women, achieving orgasm is a process, very different from that for men. The following are some facts about female orgasm and how men can help a woman to reach orgasm.


Facts About Female Orgasm


Any woman can achieve orgasm. She can also have multiple orgasms if the conditions are right. These include having a caring, understanding partner who is able to apply some sexual knowledge to help her relax and to reach orgasm. Her sexual confidence and competence generally improves when she feels loved and appreciated.


Younger women are often not able to have orgasm until some considerable time after they begin to have sexual activities. When they eventually ‘come’ for the 1st time, it happens under the following circumstances –


(a)    47% of women had their 1st orgasm through masturbation

(b)   32% through sexual intercourse

(c)    20% through kissing and caressing

(d)   1% while sleeping


The most common age for a woman to have her 1st orgasm is 18; but it can be as late as in her 40s for some women. By the time, a woman hit 30; she is able to reach orgasm easily if she has a loving and understanding partner. A woman’s ability to climax tends to improve with age.


Masturbation is very helpful for a woman to learn exactly which pressures and rhythms she needs in order to bring her to orgasm. She can then impart this knowledge to her partner by showing him exactly what she needs in order to make her come. This means communicating to him how she likes her body to be touched. This can be done by speaking up or if she is a bit shy, she can use ‘hand signal’. She can grab his hand to guide him where she wants to be touched. For example, she can also signal to him on how she wants to be touched (such as applying more pressure on a particular spot) by squeezing his hand a little harder.


Most women find their ability to climax varies according to what part of their menstrual cycle they are in. A woman generally feels especially orgasmic half way through her cycle, which roughly coincides with the time she ovulates and her body temperature tends to be a bit higher. But some women can feel particularly turned on just before a period. Others do not feel like having sex at all at certain days in a menstrual cycle. All of this is normal.


A woman can have orgasm with her clitoris, G-spot (located inside and on the front wall of the vagina towards her belly button) and even her brain being stimulated. The easiest way for her to have orgasm is by stimulating her clitoris which she can do by herself or her partner stroking this area. Some women can even ejaculate if their G-spot is properly stimulated.


A woman can even have multiple orgasms, a series of climaxes that occur closely together. The ability to have multiple orgasm increases with age, normally in her 40s, 50s and even 60s, if she has a happy relationship and a patient partner who is willing to stimulate her to ‘come’ again and again. A woman who is having a single orgasm can only experience one rush of pleasure that last from a few seconds to a minute. Multiple orgasm can occur from 2 to 10 minutes apart (sequential multiple) or one right after another (serial multiple).


It is very rare for a woman to climax exactly at the same time as her partner. But this can be achieved if her partner is able to control his orgasm, is able to use his fingers to stimulate her effectively or even using her own finger to stimulate herself, so they can climax together.


The main reasons that younger women have difficulties in achieving orgasm –


(a)    21% of them due to lack of response from partner

(b)   28% due to she is not in the mood

(c)    27% due to stress

(d)   24% due to lack of foreplay


For women who are approaching their middle age, the main reason is due to hormonal changes in their body.  Sex can become uncomfortable to them due to not enough lubrication. A common treatment is hormone replacement therapy, though effective, but not safe to use for long term. Other alternative options are health supplements such as soya and red clover which can alleviate menopausal symptoms.


How can a guy help his woman to achieve orgasm?


You can stimulate her clitoris using your fingers, mouth, tongue, the tip of male sexual organ and a vibrator. When using your fingers, adopt the indirect approach by stroking the areas surrounding her clitoris before moving to her clitoris when she is near to climax. When you give her oral sex, you can try to create a bit of suction by taking her clitoris into your mouth with some sucking or pulling away when she is close to orgasm and blowing on it to heighten her sensation. You can also use the tip of your tongue to lightly lick her clitoris and surrounding areas and get a little more aggressive when she is near to climax.


You can ask her to be on top of you to increase the chances of your genitals brushing against her clitoris. Another way is to get her legs clamped tightly together against her stomach in missionary position and you enter her.


You use a battery-powered vibrator or you can slide a vibrating ring into your genitals to give her some extra stimulation during penetration.


You can stimulate her G-spot using either your fingers or through penetration. The fingering technique can be a bit difficult for some guys to locate her G-spot. You insert one or two fingers into the vagina with the palm facing upwards and curl your fingers slightly, moving towards her belly button until you feel an area of flesh that is rough.


You use the doggie or rear entry position to increase the chances of hitting her G-spot. When you use the missionary position, you put a pillow or a special purpose cushion under the lower part of her body so that her genitals area is positioned at a higher level than yours and you penetrate her.


Of course before you reach for these 2 hot spots, you have to make her comfortable by fostering a romantic environment for sex. You can stimulate her brain by making her feel good about herself, by dirty talking or encouraging her to fantasize. You also need to spend time on foreplay which consists of kissing, hugging, touching, massaging as well as fondling her breasts because this can have an ‘electrifying’ effect on her clitoris. If unfortunately you ‘come’ before her, you can still kiss and stimulate her until she reaches orgasm.


Having an orgasm is a lovely feeling for a woman. You can in turn get aroused when you see her gets turn on with her moaning and gasping. If this sounds a great idea to you, then click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.

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