Be The Transformer In Your Love Life And Give Her The Best Sex



How to give a girl maximum pleasure in bed? How to make a woman want you? In the following paragraphs you can find the answers to these 2 questions.


(1)   Take your time


A woman does not have this ability to dive straight into sex the way men do. She needs a bit of time to warm up her body for sex. What a girl dislikes is a guy who rushes things from kissing, hands on breasts and then reaching for her crotch. She likes to be teased, starting things in a non-sexual and indirect way. Every little touching, kissing, gazing that you do to her in a slow pace will gradually draw her closer to you.


Of course, there are times that she is so hot and ready for action enough for you to skip the touching and kissing. How can you tell? When she is paying the most attention to the most private parts of your body or is pulling you straight into a sex position, then it is a very clear signal she wants you to get your job done immediately.


(2)   Be willing to try new things


Communication is of most importance. Couples are sometimes embarrassed to talk about what they want in sexual matters for various reasons. Women do not always feel comfortable telling men what they want. The problem is made worse with some guys who have too strong egos and do not take too kindly to any suggestions and feedback. To overcome this, encourage her to tell you about the new things both of you can try in bed. Ask her directly how it feels: more or less, faster or slower, softer or harder.


How to make yourself feel big and her to feel tight? You can try positions where she has her legs straight up in the air or her knees towards her chest with legs clamp tight. If she is secure with her body, put a mirror against a wall and make love in front of it can be very exciting for both of you.


For a change, you can put her in the driver seat. Woman-on-top positions can help you to last longer and for her to reach orgasm faster. They also make it easier for you to use your hands to touch her other pleasure hotspots that are out of your reach when you are in missionary position.


(3)   Make her feel sexy


Women are vain and quite insecure. They love to hear a guy saying sweet things to them. Therefore, you should always verbally express your appreciation of your partner’s body as well as any effort she makes in improving herself. Women get turn on when men show the desire to please them. Just in case you may have missed out on what I have always been preaching – a woman’s major sexual organ is her brain. You need to stimulate her brain first in order for her to feel sexy if you want her to get wild with you later.


(4)   Give her oral sex


You should not assume that a woman will tell you all the things she wants. Many women are shy about asking for oral sex, but really love it. If she does not ask, give it a try. You start by kissing your way from her neck, moving slowly all the way down to her chest, stomach and thighs, inching closer and closer to the region around her clitoris. If she likes it, she will be happy to let you keep going. If she does not like it or is not in the mood, she will stop you for sure.


(5)   Put her at ease


What better to do this than to introduce her into fantasy paradise? A great way for you to do this is to tell stories or reading a sexy book together. Erotica can help a woman to get in touch with her deepest, darkest and most sexual fantasies. Indulging her in fantasies can lead to hotter lovemaking and greater intimacy.


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