The Things A Girl Loves In Bed

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How to please a woman? How do you turn a girl on? Here are a few things you can do to get her want you.


(1)   Pay attention to your personal hygiene


Unless she likes your natural odor, you should have a shower but you get intimate with her. This includes brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth to get rid of any lingering smell that comes from the food you eat. Trim your finger nails and get your hands clean if you intend to insert your fingers inside her.


(2)   Customize your actions


Every woman is different. Some of the things that you can drive a woman wild in bed may irritate another woman. When she makes love with you, you must not give her the impression that you are having sex with another woman.


Trying to pleasure a woman is not just about sexual techniques. You have to tailor-made your actions especially for her. Paying attention to her needs builds intimacy. You have to learn to “tune in” to her body – listening to her breathing, feeling the change in the temperature of her skin and the way her muscle tone changes. You have to observe carefully how she responds to your touch (her body signals) as you let your fingers “do the walking” on her body to detect the location of her erogenous zones. In this way, you will be able to know where to touch and how to touch (the amount of pressure) in order to make her orgasm faster.


(3)   Foreplay begins outside the bedroom


Just because you strip her down to her baby suit does not mean she will immediately get aroused. Her body does not work like a switch or a tap for you to turn on and off as quickly as you want. To get her in the mood, you have to start “lighting a fire inside her”, then you fan the “flames of her passion” so that by the time you reach the bedroom, she can no longer wait to get wild with you.


Remember – a woman’s major sexual organ is not located at the lower part of her body; it is at the upper part of her body, which is her brain. You have to stimulate her brain which means she needs to feel loved and appreciated in order to feel sexy and get aroused. If you treat her badly for no good reasons when outside of the bedroom, you should not expect her to achieve orgasm easily just because you thrust harder and deeper inside her.


(4)   Being creative


Predictability breeds boredom. If you eat your favorite dish everyday, after a while, it will no longer remain so. The same applies to sex. Before your next lovemaking session, have a good chat with her about trying a few new sexual positions to see if both of you enjoy them. Other ways to spice things up can be making love at different times of the day, different places, making changes to your bedroom to create a more conducive romantic environment, or encourage both to act out each other’s fantasies.


(5)   Give her chance to enjoy sex


This means at least you have to let her reach orgasm or get her close to climax first, before you finish your job. If you have premature ejaculation problems, you can always train yourself to last longer. At your leisure time, you masturbate until you are about to have an orgasm and then stop. You repeat this several times before finishing off. This self-practice will help to delay your reaction so that you are able to control your ejaculation timing during lovemaking. Until you get that right you can devote a lot of time and effort on foreplay to make her orgasm fast. You can give her an orgasm with oral sex or your fingers, or putting more pressure and pleasure on her erogenous zones.


Whatever you do, remember to keep sex fun and always make her feel like a woman being treasured and cherished. What matters a lot is what works for her and what feels good and satisfying for her at any given moment.  With time, you will get to know and understand what your woman likes and if you need help in shortening this discovery process, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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