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What constitutes great sex life? What makes a sexual encounter so great? Is it something to do with adrenaline, intense attraction, or sexual techniques? In the following paragraphs, I will share with you the facts I gather from people who have both satisfying and fulfilling sexual experiences.


(1)   Emotional connection and empathy


What I mean here is making an effort to communicate and mentally link to others. I believe this is the most important in every type of human relationship. This is especially so with your loved ones. You need to learn how to truly and freely get your thoughts to the other person. Of course, this has to be a ‘2-way traffic’. Therefore, it is very important that you need to listen well and pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal cues.


When comes to your sex life, this means the ability to recognize (even without being told) what and when a particular kind of touch can elicit a certain response in your partner and what other kinds that do not work. Non-verbal communication is therefore a vital component of transcendent sex.


In order to successfully embody this element of sexuality, both you and your partner have to be emotionally mature enough to recognize each other’s needs and desires, so that both you can convey them to each other. This also requires your partner to have self-confidence, to accept himself/herself as what he/she is, so that both of you will be able to let go and allow each one to enter into each other’s ‘emotional world and space’.


(2)   Trust and vulnerability


The ability to let your defenses down and to bare certain hidden aspects of yourself to each other is a distinguishing factor between regular and amazing sex. Being willing to let go and to expose the vulnerable aspects of yourself to each other can foster greater interpersonal sexual bonding. This ability to surrender oneself sexually to your lover means there are no barriers in trying to satisfy each other in bed.


(3)   To be truthful to each other


When it comes to sexual matters, to be truthful means you can say anything and be anything. Authenticity in a sexual relationship involves you and your partner being entirely self-expressive, uninhibited and not self-conscious. The importance of letting go in relationships (which I mentioned in the 2nd point above) and to be completely genuine with your partner has an incredibly powerful effect emotionally and sexually. Letting your defenses down is considered by many happily married couples to be liberating and an important component of amazing sex.


(4)   To be focused in the present


The state of feeling ‘totally absorbed in the moment’, of being completely in tune with the sensations during lovemaking is an important characteristic of an ideal sexual experience. This tuning in will help you to know exactly what your partner wants you to make her orgasm. This paying attention builds sexual intimacy. Her feeling of you tuning in to her body will serve as a trigger for her to achieve mind-blowing orgasms.


(5)   Deep sexual and erotic intimacy


This intimacy between you and your partner has to be developed long before both of you actually has sex. There is a strong link between erotic intimacy and a sense of security in a relationship. This closeness to each other comes from deep mutual respect and trust, caring, genuine acceptance and admiration between lovers.


(6)   Discovering each other and getting fun out of it


You should treat each sexual encounter with your partner as a great opportunity to explore and discover each other. This process of taking risks and pushing each other’s sexual boundaries as you explore each other will help you and your partner to get this feeling of adventure and fun, which will result in a very enriching sensual experience.


As you can see, achieving great sex is more than just mastering sexual techniques. The mindset and the intent of the person or couple engaging in these acts are equally important. Too much emphasis on the physical mechanisms of sex will not be as fulfilling overall as the emotional and psychological benefits of staying focused in the present, to be comfortable with oneself, to let down your defenses and to explore each other’s erotic attributes that both you and your partner do not even know you ever have.


This understanding and realization is the first most important step on your journey to a great sex life. On the way to reaching this objective, if you want to know what are the things you can do or try to make this whole journey more enjoyable and smooth, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.

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