Awesome Ways To Give A Girl Mind-Blowing Orgasm



How to make her orgasm quickly in an effective way? If your gal has orgasm difficulty during intercourse, you are not alone. According to surveys done for The Hite Report, only 26% of women are able to reach orgasm through intercourse alone. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about the ways you can help your girl to reach orgasm easily.

How to make her orgasm easily?


There are 2 basic ways to get a girl have an orgasm: stimulating her clitoris and stimulating her g-spot. Of these 2 ways, stimulating her clitoris to get her achieve a clitoral orgasm is the easier option for most women.


This is because the clitoris is a primary source of her erotic stimulation. Most of the nerve endings which can give a woman the most awesome sensation that triggers her orgasm(s) are located in the clitoral region.


The clitoris is the biological equivalent of the male sexual organ. It is located where the top of the inner vaginal lips meet. In its normal state, there is a small hood of skin over the clitoris, but when a girl becomes sexually aroused, blood fills up the clitoral region causing the clitoris to swell and appear ‘erected’. If this erogenous zone is being neglected, it will be difficult for your girl to achieve an orgasm.




(1)   Keep your hands clean


This is necessary because if your hands are dirty, you may inadvertently infect your girl when you put your fingers inside her. Therefore, you also need to make sure you trim your fingernails to prevent any dirt accumulating there and also to cut down the chances of your sharp nails hurting her most delicate parts. Initially your girl may not be very wet, so in order to reduce friction a little, it is better to apply some lubricant (preferably natural oil-based) on your fingers.


(2)   Get her in the mood


Most women need some warming-up time to get their senses aroused and the vagina lubricated and ready for penetration. Every little touch, glance and kiss starting from the moment you hope to have sex with her will gradually draw your girl closer to you as the night goes on. It is best not to go for the direct assault at the area between her legs.


You light the spark inside her, by massaging her back, stroking her hair, fondling her breasts, using your fingers to draw circles around her nipples before you gently pinch and rub them against your palm. As your hands travel slowly down along her body, you choose the indirect route by massaging the outer parts of her vulva, and her inner thighs.


You use your hands to gently rub on the area around her clitoris. Using your palm, you cup the entire vulva area and gently apply a little squeezing pressure. When you sense she is quite close to orgasm, you can move your fingers directly over her clitoris but this time you can apply a little bit more pressure as you stimulate her. You keep doing this until she has at least one mind-blowing orgasm.


Of course, instead of using your hands only, you can also use your tongue to lick her clitoris and the surrounding area. Most women love to receive oral sex but are shy to ask for it. You can add in a little bit of fun by improvising your mouth into a vibrator. You breathe in deeply, seal your lips and press them tightly against her vulva and then you exhale. After doing this a few times, you may run out of breath, therefore it is a good idea to have a battery-operated vibrator to standby and continue with the clitoral stimulation.


(3)   The Sexual Positions That Maximize Clitoral Pleasure


Some positions are better for stimulating the clitoris than others. Most of the rear entry or doggie style positions can provide easy access to her clitoris. You can control the pace to slow down a bit if you want to last longer and she needs more clitoral stimulation. The woman-on-top positions (facing you and not facing you) allow your girl to brush her clitoris against you. If she faces you, she can lean backward to allow you to stimulate her clitoris.


In the normal missionary position, you can make some modifications to allow higher chances of your “little brother” brushing against her clitoris as you penetrate her. After you enter her, she will wrap her legs around your waist. You will lean forward and position your pelvis slightly higher than hers. The shaft of your “little brother” should be firmly pressed against her clitoris. Instead of you doing the thrusting, she will thrust upwards while you rock slightly backwards. You synchronize your rocking with her thrusting until she reaches orgasm. This should provide the perfect amount of clitoral stimulation for her.


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  1. You really make it seem so easy along with your presentation but I to find this topic to be actually one thing that I feel I would never understand. It sort of feels too complex and very extensive for me. I am looking ahead on your next publish, I’ll attempt to get the dangle of it!

    1. Yes, making a girl orgasm though sounds complex, but the main thing is you need to understand your girl well, observe her body signals and reacts accordingly, because different girl have different kind of needs which need different way of satisfying her. Communication is the key. Communication is talking and listening.

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