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Cunnilingus, the technical term for performing oral sex on a woman, is one of the most awesome ways to stimulate her clitoris. Because most women enjoy oral sex, the act of cunnilingus can make her orgasm faster. The following tips and techniques will help to make sure this happens.




(1)   Cleanliness first




If you shave regularly, be sure to do it before you give her oral sex. Nothing kills the mood more than it feels like sand-paper on her sensitive parts when you go down on her. Trim your fingernails too because sharp nails can hurt her delicate and sensitive parts.




(2)   Take a shower with her




This is a good way to start your foreplay on her. With steamy warm water raining down on her, you start to turn her on with your kissing and touching of her from head to toe as you rub soap on her body. Having a shower together can also help to get over your (or her) uneasiness over the taste/and or smell of her genitals.




(3)   Do not focus on the clitoris




There is no need to go down immediately on her. Women love it when a man shows patience in stimulating her. Use your hands and mouth all over her body to create the anticipation and tension on her.




You pay extra attention on her breasts, stomach and thighs. When you pinch or rub her nipples, you will also ‘wake up’ the sensitive nerves under them which are connected to the pleasure nerves in her clitoris and vagina.




As you move on to her other erogenous zones, she will get to the point of being so sexually aroused – her hips are thrusting towards you and her moans pretty regular – which is a signal for you to head south.




(4)   Work on the areas around her clitoris




You begin at the very base of her vulva and work your way up slowly with a long and wet lingering lick. While doing this, make sure you pay attention to her signals – her moans and responses – so that you will know which particular move can turn her on effectively. At this point in time, you just tease her and build up her tension by spending more time working on the areas around her clitoris




(5)   Direct stimulation




A lot of women have very sensitive clitoris. Therefore your initial contact with her clitoris should be very gentle licking and not to stay too long over it. It is only when you sense she is quite close to orgasm that you start focusing on her clitoris.




When she is ready to receive your direct clitoral stimulation you should see either or some of these signals – she moans, her breathing becomes more rapid, her thighs pressing against your head, her hips arching towards you and her hands tightening on your head or grabbing your hair. At this point, you can apply a bit more pressure as you stimulate her.




If she likes intense stimulation, you can pull back her clitoral hood with your index finger and use your tongue to apply short and repetitive up-and-down or diagonal licks on her clitoris. To arouse her even more, you can take the labia (vaginal lips) or even the clitoris in the mouth and gently create a sucking sensation. You maintain the pace and rhythm of your licking and do not stop unless she asks you to.




(6)   Use your fingers




At times, your tongue may get tired and you want to catch some breath and you can continue stimulating her clitoris with your fingers. You place 2 well-lubricated fingers over the top of her clitoris and rub it either in circular or up-and-down motion.




You can also insert 2 curled and lubricated fingers inside her with your palm facing and at the same time rest your thumb on her clitoris. These 2 fingers will rub on her g-spot while you use your thumb to draw circles on her clitoris – this combination of clitoral and g-spot stimulation will give her double pleasure and lead her to a very mind-blowing orgasm.




Once you know how to push her buttons, you can keep doing it until she lets you know she wants a change. To spice things up, you can throw in a new position, location, and technique or oral tool kit. If you want to know how you can do this, you can click on Hot Sex and Turn Her On.




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