The Mistakes To Avoid When Stimulating Her Clitoris



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The last thing you want is to have your girl losing interest in sex because you stimulate her clitoris in the wrong way. Here are the mistakes to avoid if you want to turn her on effectively.


(1)   Lack of communication


Every woman is different and has her own individual preferences. Great sex is not just about sexual techniques. You need to communicate with your woman to find out what she likes and what works on her. During lovemaking, you have to pay attention to her body signals and responses and make changes/adjustments accordingly because there is no one fixed set of rules in pleasing a woman sexually.


A good way to know how she likes her clitoris to be touched is to watch her masturbating. You will be able to observe where she touches, how much pressure she applies to each area and how fast she moves her fingers. Or, you can offer her your hand and ask her to demonstrate the kind of stroking she prefers by placing hers on top of yours.


(2)   Stopping halfway


If she is enjoying what you are doing to her, do not stop.  This will break her momentum in reaching orgasm. If you are tired, you can switch the way you stimulate her either by fingers, tongue or a vibrator. You have to continue stimulating her until she experiences orgasm contractions.


(3)   Overly dependent on vibrators


You may have heard about how your girl’s vibrator can be her best friend. Vibrators can give her quick and powerful orgasms. It comes in handy and is a good aid to give her continued stimulation when your fingers or tongue get tired before she reaches orgasm.


Vibrators can be great fun, but over-using them can lead to a temporary desensitization of the clitoris. This means she may not be able to orgasm unless a vibrator is used. You can use a vibrator to spice things up. But no matter how good and efficient a vibrator is, it should not be a total replacement of your oral/manual stimulation of her clitoris.


(4)   Not providing enough of lubrication


Lubrication is the key to making her experience pleasure when you stimulate her clitoris. Imagine rubbing your face with a sand-paper. This is how it feels when you touch her un-lubricated clitoris. To avoid this, you can apply her natural lubrication, your saliva or a water-based lubricant to the area before stimulation. Also, do not blow on her clitoris because it will dry up the lubrication and cause discomfort. However, you can breathe warmly on it.


(5)   Too impatient


Even if your main purpose is to give her oral sex, this does not mean you have to go straight for her clitoris. You have to take things slowly by giving her time to warm-up her body. You focus on her other erogenous zones first, starting from her head by kissing her lips, neck, fondling her breasts before you move further down to kiss and nibble on her stomach and inner thighs. You tease her mercilessly until her hips start thrusting towards you, which is a signal for you to move to her clitoris.


(6)   Too much attention on her clitoris initially


The clitoris is highly sensitive. If you focus on her clitoris or apply too much pressure on this area too soon, she may feel uncomfortable instead of getting turned on. Your initial contact with her clitoris (if any) should be light and short. The correct way is to work on the area around her clitoris to let her get used to the sensation before stimulating it directly.


Do not be afraid to venture further away to her perineum, anus and vaginal opening. It is only when you sense she is quite close to orgasm that you switch your attention on her clitoris. She will be more receptive to your direct clitoral stimulation when she starts moaning, her breathing gets more rapid, her hips arching towards you, her thighs pressing against your head and her hands grabbing your hair or holding your head firmly.


These mistakes can really turn her off and kill the mood for sex. Always when in doubt, check with her is the best. Pay attention to her body signals, her breathing and her movements, take your time and react/adjust accordingly so as to tailor your moves to her needs.


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