What Men Can Learn From Female Masturbation Habits



Find Out From Here About The Ways You Can Give Her The Best Orgasm


It is no secret that like men, women love to masturbate. Here is what you can learn from the female masturbation habits that you can apply to please a woman sexually.


(1)   A woman can orgasm easily if she is relaxed


It is for this reason that having sex out of home is so great for her because there are no screaming kids, unwashed dishes and laundry, or reminders of household chores left undone.


A major reason for the loss of female libido is stress. To effectively turn a woman on, you have to be a supportive partner. Outside the bedroom, you do something to lighten her load, such as helping up in some household chores. Inside the bedroom, you can give her a sensual massage on her back, shoulders, or feet.


The implication of keeping a woman relaxed means you have to stimulate her brain first which is the most important sexual organ. What you can do is to encourage her to fantasize. One way to help her into ‘wonder land’ is to get her to read and watch erotic stories. Erotica can help a woman to get in touch with her deepest, darkest and most sensual fantasies.


(2)   You need to get her in the mood


What you can do is to set the atmosphere in such a way that it reflects romance. The place for lovemaking has to feel sensual and reflects romance. Lighting has a huge impact on mood. When you are lighting up the place for sex, dim lights are always the best. Candles are of course great choice too. But if you are afraid you may inadvertently burn down the place, you can use tea lights in a little candle holder.


If you want your woman to feel a certain mood, playing some soothing music can set it. During sex, music can maintain the mood, create an atmosphere and set a rhythm you can follow. An alternative to music you can consider is to talk dirty to her. Certain fragrances are like an aphrodisiac for women. So choose those scents that can increase relaxation and female arousal, taking into consideration her preferences.


(3)   She needs to be warmed up slowly


As she gets aroused, she will move her hands down her body to touch the erogenous zones. This means her breasts, stomach and inner thighs or knees. Half of her sexual pleasure comes from building up the anticipation as well as tension and delaying her orgasm until the very last minute.


Therefore you need to take your time to warm up her body before she is ready for penetration. Spend time on her erogenous zones – her ears, neck, lower back, buttocks, knees and feet. Do not get near to her clitoris yet, until she is thrusting her hips towards you.


(4)   She likes to take charge


A woman who recalled what she particularly liked to do when she masturbated said, “I cross my legs, thrust my pelvis against a soft pillow and fantasize. I hardly move much until I am ready for orgasm. At other times, I roll up a towel and rub myself against it in an up and down motion. I do enjoy touching myself, but it is just not as good as this method which seems to arouse some sensations that the hand cannot reach.”


So it can be seen here that your fancy touching or vaginal penetration may not necessarily make her orgasm. Sometimes it is best to give her the reins and let her grind on your motionless fingers or flat, still tongue.


(5)   Indirect touching is better


Another woman shared with me her experience: “When I masturbate I usually stroke the clitoral region, but not directly on the clitoris. I place my fingers around the clitoris and move them back and forth rhythmically, using a little bit of pressure. To achieve orgasm, I need pressure, rhythmic movement and stimulation of the area around the clitoris.”


How you stimulate the clitoris is very important to her orgasm. Before she gets turn on, rubbing on the clitoris directly can feel quite annoying to a woman. It is therefore best to begin with indirect contact. Use the clitoral hood (a fold of skin that covers both sides of her clitoris) to stimulate her. She gets greater pleasure from the friction causes by the rubbing on the sides or top of the hood than touching the clitoris directly.


(6)   She enjoys simultaneous stimulation


When I see my girl masturbates, she likes to insert her middle finger into the vagina to massage her g-spot, with the palm of her hand making a circular motion over her clitoris. What I learn from this, is vaginal penetration alone is not enough to make her orgasm. In order to achieve orgasm, you have to combine vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation.


This means when having sex, you should choose the best positions that increase the chances of clitoral stimulation such as the woman-on-top positions. When you are using the normal missionary position, you can make slight modifications in 2 possible ways. One way is to position your pelvis at a level that is slightly above hers and then enter her. The other way is to ask her to bend her legs so that the knees are close to her body. After you enter her, she will clamp her legs tightly together.


Even though, you learn some valuable lessons from what you have read here, nothing beats a customized pleasuring experience you can offer her. You need to remember that every woman is different, so all your movements have to be tailored only for her. Persuade her to masturbate in front of you, or better, have her guide your fingers.


However, at some point in future, she will want some changes to the normal ways to pleasure her. By then, if you want to get more amazing ideas in how to satisfy a woman in bed, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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