I Want Her To Get An Orgasm – What Should I Do?




A guy wrote in a sex forum: “After sex, I asked my girl if she had an orgasm. She said no and she never has. I want her to get an orgasm because I really like to pleasure her. What should I do?”


When it comes to female orgasm, most men are like this guy feeling quite helpless. With these tips and tricks, you will have her moaning in no time and keep coming back for more.


How to make her orgasm? There are basically 2 ways you can go about getting a woman to have orgasm: stimulating the clitoris and stimulating the g-spot. Of these 2 choices, stimulating the clitoris is the easiest and quickest way because the clitoris is very easily accessible. You can touch her clit using your fingers or your mouth. Most women masturbate themselves to orgasm by just fingering the clitoris.


Oral sex is one of the most exciting and intimate ways to stimulate the clitoris. The tongue can be used with expert precision, transforms from hard to soft and contains the perfect natural lubricant – saliva. The act of cunnilingus is also incredibly sexy and can make her feel like a Goddess when it is done properly. To be good at it, you have to be an excellent reader of her body, her breathing, her movements and what she may be telling you with words.


Here is how –


(1)   Get her in the mood


Most women need some warming up to really get into the mood. Take your time and ease into it. Go and take a hot bath or shower together, using some sweet-smelling lotion or soap which can trigger more arousal. This is also a good chance to use your hands and mouth all over her body.


Start with your lips and kiss your way down her body. This will ‘wake up’ her body to get ready to receive what is going to happen next and the anticipation will get her motor heating up. Spend a bit more time on her breasts because the super sensitive nerves under the nipples are connected to the pleasure nerves in her clitoris and vagina. Therefore pinching or rubbing her nipples as you go down on her will drive her wild. Tease her mercilessly by kissing and nibbling on her stomach and inner thighs till she starts arching her hips towards you.


(2)   Give her additional teasing


Start by breathing over her genitals but do not blow over this area. What is needed here is to keep her lubricated and blowing will reduce the wetness. Kiss her inner thighs at first, maybe licking on them and sucking on them in different places. Run your tongue along her vaginal opening. Lick from around the external opening of the anus and towards the area above and around her clitoris. Make sure your tongue and mouth are really wet.


(3)   Moving over to her clitoris


When you have teased her to the point when she is squirming and moaning a little, or begging you to lick on her vaginal opening, then it is time to reach for her clitoris. Because a lot of women have very sensitive clitoris, therefore most of them prefer to have their clitoris licked through the clitoral hood. Give this area a first wet and soft kiss.


(4)   Trying with different strokes


Studies have shown that many women prefer clitoral stimulation on the sides of the clitoris at the one o’ clock or eleven o’ clock positions. Gently lick her side-to-side or up-and-down over her clitoral hood at these locations. If she is comfortable with more intense stimulation, you can pull back her clitoral hood to lick on her clitoris with short and repetitive, up-and-down or diagonal licks. If you are not sure about her preferences, ask her to give you feedback.


(5)   Giving her suction pleasure


As she becomes more aroused, you can take her clitoris in your mouth and gently suck on it. Besides this, you can use your mouth to suck on or nibble on her vaginal lips. With her clitoris inside your mouth, you can gently flick your tongue over it as you apply the suction. This combination of sucking pressure sensation and tongue flicking is a great way to intensify her experience.


(6)   Maintaining your stimulation at steady pace and try not to stop


Most women like you to just keep doing what you are doing until they are done coming. You will know that she is going to orgasm when she moans, her thighs pressing close to your head, her hands tightening and her body aching towards you. She will tell you to stop when she is satisfied.


(7)   A helping hand is always better


At times you may get exhausted using your mouth and need to come up for air; you can then use your hand to continue with the stimulation effort. If she ever masturbates in front of you, you should have some idea how she likes her clitoris to be touched. If you are not sure, ask her to show you or you can offer her your hand to let her guide you about the kind of stroking she prefers by placing hers on top of yours.


The above are some general pointers you can use to make her orgasm. The key is to be receptive and attentive to her body language and get her feedback when in doubt so that you can tailor-made your moves that work best for her. Then and only when she asks you for more tricks to please her, that you can click on Hot Sex and Lick By Lick

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