How To Make A Girl Want You Even If You Have A Below Average Size Penis




If your sexual organ is below 6 inches in length, you probably have a lower than average size one. However, this does not put you in a less advantage situation as compared to most other guys. At least, the chances of your girl complaining about painful sexual intercourse are much lower. Here are some of the sexual positions you can adopt to maximize the advantage of a small size penis.


(1)   Woman On Top


This position can help a woman to have orgasm faster. The beauty of this position is that it will not put too much painful pressure against her cervix. Moreover, with the woman on top position, she can take control and decide whether she wants to have an orgasm via her clitoris or her g-spot. Those guys with small size can use positions like Side Rider, See Saw, The Empress and Reverse Cow Girl to their advantage.


(a)    For the Side Rider position, your girl will be facing you sideways. She will be squatting and positioning herself above your genitals. Instead of the usual up and down movement, the lateral jerks can increase her sensitivity.


(b)   To get into the See Saw position, you sit up with legs straight while your girl sits on your lap with her legs on either side of your waist. You adjust your body and hers so that you can penetrate. As she rubs her genitals against yours, you can either fondle her breasts or massage her clitoris to get her high. If there is too much strain on you, she can lean back using her arms to support herself.


(c)    The Empress position is quite similar to the See Saw position, except that this time you lie on your back. She sits on your lap, while leaning back and supporting herself on her hands. To maximize her chances of g-spot orgasm, have her lean back, supporting her weight on her hands.


(d)   In the Reverse Cow Girl position, you will lie on your back and your girl will sit on your lap, facing away from you. She can be leaning forward or holding her chest straight up. From here, you can give a good spanking to spice things up.


(2)   Rear Entry


The doggie position is a win-win for you and your girl. When performed at the correct angle, this position can make even the smallest penis feel quite large and at the same time allows you to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers. You rest her head on the pillow while having her buttocks raised in the air. Her thighs should be drawn together as you penetrate her. You lean forward allowing deep penetration which gives you higher chances to stimulate the g-spot, which can get her to reach orgasm as quickly as possible.


An alternative rear entry you can try is by getting her lay flat on her belly. You can then slip 1 or 2 pillows under her hips until her buttocks arches upward. You adopt the half-kneeling posture and position your genitals to facilitate penetration. You spread her thighs just enough to allow penetration. After that you hold her thighs together so that your sexual organ can feel huge inside her.


(3)   Pillow-Supported Missionary


She will be lying on her back with a pillow under her buttocks or a love cushion. You bend her legs backward so that her knees are fairly close to her chests. Once you enter her, it will feel as if you are filling her vaginal completely. This position is difficult for her to maintain so you can either let her legs rest on your shoulders or your forearms.


(4)   V-Formation


She lies on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs wide until they form a v-pattern. You grab on to her ankles or her feet and you penetrate her in a standing position.


An alternative way is she will be lying down on bed like in a normal missionary position with her legs spreading out forming a v-pattern. You then enter her in a kneeling position. Both these positions allow you to penetrate her deeply, an advantage to guys with small sexual organs.


If you are anything like me, being in the smaller size category, these sexual positions should ease your anxiety because they can effectively make a girl orgasm by stimulating either/both her clitoris or/and g-spot. She will then not be able to feel any difference between a big size and a small size penis as she will be too engrossed with all the pleasure you give her.


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