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Do you have these relationship problems? You only have sexual intercourse for only once or twice a month. Love making seems like becoming a chore. It seems only one of you are more keen on sex. Read on to find out how you can light up the fire in your love life.


(1)   Exchange sex fantasy ideas through card games


Communication is the key to a healthy and active sex life. Sexual intimacy is a continual process of discovery of each other. True intimacy through communication is what that can make sex great. If you and your lover/partner are afraid to ask each other what you want because you think you may not get what you want, you will not be able to know how to thrill each other.


To get things moving, set the mood for a romantic evening with your partner/lover. You can play some bedroom games to spice things up. One of the ways you can do is each of you will write down all your sex fantasies on some cards. There will be no restrictions on what you write, no matter how outrageous and or politically incorrect some of them can be.


Next, you will read the cards together and divide them into 3 categories: fantasies that you love to act them out; fantasies you want to keep that way (e.g. sex with another man or woman or threesome) and fantasies that have nothing to do with your partner/lover. Then, eliminate those fantasies that turn one of you off. Both of you will take turns to choose a fantasy to act on it.


(2)   Spice up the missionary position


The normal missionary position does not allow a woman to have orgasm through penetration because it offers little chances to stimulate the clitoris or the g-spot. However, you can make some modifications/adjustments to increase the chances of hitting either the clitoris or the g-spot. At the same time, she can also offer stimulation to herself or her man.


Have your girl lie on her back with her right leg on your right shoulder. Bend her left leg and place it beside your right side. Then you adjust yourself to enter her. For some added stimulation, she can use her free hands to either rub the clitoris or fondle your testicles (balls).


You can also put pillow or a love cushion under her buttocks so that the lower part of her body is further away from the flat surface, an angle which can increase the chances of stimulating the g-spot when you penetrate her. Your girl can pleasure you at the same time by using her fingers to press on the area between the anus and the testicles, which is an often-ignored erogenous zone.


(3)   Reaching for the A-spot


It is the anus, which is also another often-neglected erogenous zone. You can take turns pleasuring each other’s anus using fingers or tongue. Try a small, thin vibrator. If you want to proceed with penetration, you have to lubricate the vibrator or wear lubricated latex glove to prevent internal skin tears. A woman can massage the male g-spot (prostate) by thrusting one finger between 1-2 inches deep into the anus with palm facing up. This can also give the feeling of wanting to urinate, which also happens when the female g-spot is being stimulated.


(4)   Add in visual stimulation


Men are visual creatures. They get aroused either by looking at women’s breasts or watching porn. For the sake of this, position some mirrors at certain locations or angles that can allow both of you to see yourself in action like directing your own porn movie. You can also buy her some sexy lingerie (which you find arousing). I personally find those lacy black ones quite seductive.


(5)   Mutual masturbation


This can bring some playfulness back into sex. Get her to masturbate in front of you. Ask her to show you clearly how and where she likes to be touched. Since a woman can have multiple orgasms, after she gets an orgasm, you let her place her hand on yours to guide you in how to stimulate her in order to make her orgasm again. When you are able to masturbate her without help, while doing so, she can also offer you the same manual treatment of your genitals.


(6)   Condom trick


This is another way to add a little bit of fun into sex. She will hold the condom so that the rolled up edge is facing her. She holds the condom between the lips with part of her tongue in the condom. She will place the condom on the tip of the penis. With her teeth hiding behind the lips, she will glide her lips upwards along the shaft of the male organ to unroll the condom.


There you go. It is not difficult to achieve a great sex life. What you need to do is to talk with one another your expectations about sex. You and your partner/lover also need to recognize that both have equal and joint responsibility for romance, for having an intimate and successful relationship.


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