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When sexual frequency gets lower and you feel your man is emotionally drifting away from you, you begin to wonder, “How to please my man? How to get him want you more?” This may not be your fault! Because his behavior can be due to stress in his working place and most men do not like to talk about this at home.


What better way to help him relax by pampering him with a full body erotic massage? Humans need some caring physical contact on a daily basis. This is the wonderful thing for massage. It allows us to experience the sensual world of touch without the pressures of having sex. Massage is a wonderful way to get close and sensual with someone you care deeply about. Here are some tips to touch him the right way.


(1)   Get Him Relaxed First


Some men may not be so receptive to receiving an erotic massage. You just ask him to let you try massaging him for 5 minutes and if he does not like it, you can stop. If he likes the idea, you can get him to do a few minutes of simple stretching beforehand. Start by connecting with your man through kind words, soft gazing into each other’s eyes, synchronized breathing, and/or caressing each other’s face or hands.



(2)   Start At The Head


When you are ready, you have him lie face up on the bed or any padded surface and you position yourself behind his head. You use your 1st 2 or 3 fingertips to gently rub in a circular motion over his temples and the center of the forehead. You then run your fingers across his entire face lighting tapping on his face. With your thumb and 1st finger, you rub his ear lobes and ears.


Next you place your fingertips on the hollows in the bone, where the back of his neck meets the skull, and you gradually increase the pressure on them. These hollows which serve as acupressure points are the often-ignored erogenous zones. You then grasp his head at the jaw and pull it gently towards you, stretching his neck muscles. By pressing the points and stretching muscles, you will increase his circulation, release his tension and allow sexual excitement to flow.


(3)   Working On His Chest And Hands


You use your thumb and forefinger to press gently on the indentations below the collarbone which are the little-known erogenous zones. You then move to the center of the breast bone, right over the heart. You feel for a dimple in the bone and press gently on it with your fingers.


Next you move to one of his arms and you focus on 2 erogenous zones, namely the armpit and the inner folding between his upper arm and forearm. These 2 areas are quite ticklish if a lot of pressure is applied on them, so you should just apply very little pressure using your fingertips. You then repeat the same on the other arm.


(4)   Pushing His Belly Button


The area between the belly button and his genitalia is another erogenous zone. With well-oiled hands, you press gently on an acupressure point which is 3 or 4 finger-width down from the navel. Make sure he empties his bladder before you press on this area. You can also find acupressure points where the legs join the trunk of the body. You gradually increase the pressure on them using the heel of your hand. Ask your partner to breathe into your hands while you stay at this position for a minute or two.


(5)   Moving To The Lower Part Of His Body


There are many different massage strokes that feel good on male genitals. It is usually safe to assume that firm and consistent stroking will feel best on him. One approach that some people favor is to select 2 favorite strokes and periodically alternating between them every once in a while. Here are the 3 different types of stroke you can try on.


(a)    Using your lubricated fingers, you stroke the under side of his genitals from the tip to the base for a couple of minutes. Using the other free hand, you roll his testicles in your palm.


(b)   You use one hand to stroke his penis from the top all the way to the bottom. When it hits the bottom, release it. You then switch hand and repeat the same stroke, creating an alternating motion.


(c)    You sensuously caress the penis with one hand for about 10 seconds, and then give it one quick up-and-down stroke. Repeat this sensuous caressing for about 10 seconds, alternating between slow up-and-down and quick up-and-down strokes. You can continue with this until he ejaculates. It is up to the 2 of you to decide whether to finish this with an ejaculation or normal intercourse.


If this is your 1st massage, it is a good idea to look into his eyes, while cradling his genitals and get his feedback on the type of stroke he likes. One of the skills that come with practice is being able to read his arousal levels and smoothly and gradually ramping up from relaxing massage to more arousing and sexual massage.


I have provided you with some basic massage techniques to help you to be the original lover who can give him a night that he will want to repeat. Remember that if you treat him to this, chances are that he will repay you by working a little harder to please you sexually later.


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