If My Girl Is Not Able To Have An Orgasm, What Can I Do?




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What can I do to ensure that my girl will have an orgasm? Are there ways to improve the chances of reaching orgasm?


The journey to orgasm for a woman is very different from that for a man. Here are a few things you can do to make her come.


(1)   Make her feel loved

Whether a woman can or cannot have an orgasm, it all starts with her mind. It is those little things (you have done outside the bedroom) that matter a lot. Do you remember the last time you did something to make her feel special? Try any of these from now onwards-


(a)    Surprise her by dropping in at her office during lunch time and have a quick bite with her. It may not be very romantic, but she will love the spontaneity of the gesture and the fact that you take the time out from your own schedule for the lunch date.


(b)   Surprise her with a gift (such as her favorite perfume) for no particular reason.


(c)    Get the tickets to a romantic movie or a concert, especially the one that she has always been keen to watch.


(d)   Find things to compliment about her and make sure you are genuine in what you say.


(e)    Kiss her the 1st thing in the morning or leave a love-you note (make it funny, if you can) on the bathroom mirror. Women love simple display of love and what better way to do this than to start her day on a romantic tone to make her feel good for the rest of the day.


(f)    Snuggle up to her. Women love the feeling of physical intimacy. Snuggling up to her, now and then, will make her feel desired.


(g)   A sure way to make her happy at the end of the day is to pick up her favorite dessert on your way back home.


(h)   Be a supportive listener. Women often tend to voice problems as a way of discussing things and most likely, they are aware of the solution themselves. Simply listen to what she has to say and offer a solution only when asked. She will be glad of having a good listener.


(2)   Give her a good warming up


Engage in a lot of foreplay. Foreplay is very important because it helps her to relax her mind. It is also a great way to connect with her emotionally as many women associate foreplay as a man’s way of taking time and ensuring sex is not just a physical act but about intimacy.


A good way is to take a shower together. Pamper her with a back, neck or foot massage. Touching is very important because this can give her feelings of warm and comfort. A woman’s erogenous zones can be found all over her body – her ears, neck, any foldable parts of her body, buttocks, etc. While touching her, observe which particular spots are most sensitive to her and focus on these pleasure hot spots.


(3)   Give her oral pleasure


Many women actually claim that oral sex is the only way they can reach an orgasm. When you go down on her, you start by teasing and licking softly and lovingly by drawing small circles around her clitoris with your tongue or fingers. Once she starts getting high, increase the tempo and continue with what you are doing. When you notice that her breathing is getting faster and harder, pay more attention to her clitoris and apply more pressure on it by licking harder and faster. You can alternate using your tongue and fingers to stimulate the clitoris which can intensify her sensation.


(4)   Try g-spot stimulation


Assuming that she is already hot and wet, slowly insert your index and middle fingers (palm up) inside her and try to locate a small bump or swelling (which is her g-spot) to stroke on this area, which can increase her chances of having a squirting orgasm. You can stimulate the g-spot by tapping it or drawing circles around it with your fingers.


You may have observed I was rather long-winded on my 1st point. What I believe is, when comes to sex, it is about 60-70% emotional and the rest is mechanical which are the sexual techniques. Be good to your woman at all times, not just before you want to have sex with her. When you can do this, orgasm will become like her 2nd nature.


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