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One in five men does not want sex? How can that be true? What defines a low libido? What is behind low sexual desire? What is the difference between impotence and low libido?


What Is The Difference Between Impotence And Low Libido


Impotence and loss of libido are 2 separate issues. However, men who suffer impotence normally experience a decrease in libido over time. When libido drops and impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is not a problem, there are many causes for this.


Causes Of Low Sex Drive


Aging plays a role, though some older men have a strong interest in sex, sex drive generally decreases with age.


Psychological issues – stress and anxiety from the strain of daily life, relationship or family problems, depression and mental disorders can affect sexual desire. Performance anxiety and premature ejaculation can also hurt sex drive. According to some research studies, almost one in three men reported premature ejaculation while less than one in five were worried about performance.


Paradoxically, too much closeness in a relationship can also sap libido. Some men who after seeing the way their wives experiencing labor pain or witnessed the whole process of giving birth in the delivery room, find it difficult to eroticize the mother of their children. If they also help in the care of the baby or young children, the resulting exhaustion can sap libido for men as surely as it does for women.


Medical problems – diseases such as diabetes; conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol; some hair-loss remedies, anti-depressants, tranquilizers and other medications can adversely affect sexual desire.


Hormonal causes – testosterone level dips as men age and this means low sexual desire. Other hormones can play a role too such as low levels of thyroid hormone or, in certain rare cases, high levels of prolactin, a hormone produced in a gland at the base of the brain.


How To Cope With Low Sex Drive


Each cause of low sexual desire has its own treatment. When the root cause is due to low testosterone, men can take testosterone supplements.


If a prescription medicine hampers a man’s sex drive, he should ask his doctor about the possibility of swapping the medication with a similar-functioning one that does not cause sexual side effects.


When men improve their health through regular exercise and a low-fat diet, their libido is likely to increase.


In cases of stress due to work, or any other area of your life, you have to re-prioritize your activities.


Some problems such as depression or anxiety, intense job stress, family worries, serious marital conflicts, experiences of past abuse, or conflicts about sexual orientation may require professional assistance. In these cases, you need to seek professional help if the negative feelings interfere with the rest of your life that you can no longer able to experience pleasure.


Once the more obvious causes for a man’s low libido have been eliminated – prescribed medications, drug or alcohol abuse, or low testosterone – couple must work through discrepancies in their relationship to arrive at a solution.


For couples who have been together for a long time, anger or shouting matches with your partner can hurt sex drive. If you can work on your differences through couple therapy or some long, honest talks, good feelings will be restored and sex drive is likely to return to normal level.


Frequency of sexual activity is not the best measure of sexual interest. Some couples need not feel they have to have sex a certain number of times a week to have a good sex life. It is all about compatibility. It is about how happy the person next to you is in bed. Providing that makes you happy, too.


The advice here is not so much about getting more, but getting better. Feelings count too. If you look forward to sex and feel good about it before, during and after, that is the true measure of whether your libido is healthy.


Dissatisfaction with their sex lives affects about 15% to 16% of men. If you are one of them, this is not something you have to live with. There is much you can do to improve your sex life and your happy outlook in life. Read on more from Hot Sex and Overcome Low Libido

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