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Are you happy with the amount of sex you are having? If either you or your partner feels unhappy with the frequency of sex, rest assured that you are not the only one. According to some recent surveys, over 50% of men and over 40% of women were unhappy with their sex lives because they want more sex.


Causes Of Low Sex Drive


So what is behind you or your partner’s lower sexual desire? What are the biggest hurdles to shared sexual satisfaction?


There are tones of reasons behind a person’s low sex drive. Some factors are obvious, while others are definitely not. Here is a list of the main factors affecting sexual desire.


(a)    Stress – Most people are a little stressed and when it reaches beyond a threshold level, it can be a libido killer for both men and women, whether it is stress at work, financial stress, or stress over the lack of time.


(b)   Unrealistic expectations about sex – This can breed performance anxiety and hurt sexual confidence due to bad self-image. Media and TV are a significant cause of sexual dissatisfaction, as they can give rise to unrealistic expectations about your own or your partner’s performance and appearance.


(c)    Aging – This plays a role, though some older men still maintain strong interest in sex.


(d)   Unhealthy life style – Drug and alcohol use, poor sleeping habits and poor diet (which can cause obesity) can all contribute to low sexual desire and impaired sexual function.


(e)    Hormonal changes – A partner’s low desire can be due to hormonal changes related to life changes such as menopause. Low testosterone level which dips as a person gets older usually means low sexual desire.


(f)    Medical problems – Chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and drugs to cope with them or other medications (such as anti-depressant) can negatively affect sexual desire.


How To Cope With Low Sex Drive


(1)   Seek professional help


Rather than allowing depression, hormonal changes, chronic illness and medications to become reasons to avoid intimacy, it is worthwhile to seek advice and support from trained professionals. Men who are experiencing impotence should see a doctor, in particular, as erectile dysfunction can be linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


It is worth remembering that some prescription medicines can have an adverse effect on sexual function and levels of desire. You should ask your doctor about the possibility of changing to a similar-functioning medication that has lesser side effects or does not cause sexual side effects.


Pain during sex can be a problem for some women and can be due to various underlying problems ranging from a urinary tract infection to fibroids. Your doctor can help to pinpoint the cause.


(2)   Communication


A couple needs to work together to identify the risk factors threatening their sexual relationships and come up with a plan to address them. Communication is the key throughout this process. This must be a ‘2-way traffic’ meaning both sides need to talk and listen to each other attentively.


Both should have the right attitude, meaning you need to detach your emotions from what you are saying, refrain from blaming or finger-pointing each other, begin your talk with ‘I’ and package your demands to make the tone more conducive for discussion. If you have difficulty in talking to your partner, you can consider relationship counseling.


(3)   Spice things up


Setting a time and place only for sex. This may sound unromantic and non-spontaneous but if we do not plan for a sex date, our busy schedules and stressful lifestyles can get in the way of sexual intercourse and romance. This can be as simple as going to bed at the same time.


You can set the mood by creating more intimate opportunities such as having a bath or shower together, snuggling on the sofa or taking a romantic stroll. To cope with stress, you should learn to prioritize things.


To overcome performance anxiety, you need to recognize that sex need not be perfect all the time and not to put unnecessary pressure on you and your partner. Of course, it is always better to try something new such as new position, new location or even role-playing.


Not just in the bedroom, you can do foreplay all day long. You can always flirt with your partner outside the bedroom, by sending him/her sexting or sexy text, whisper something nice to him/her while out with friends, or touch him/her sneakily under the table.


There is no quick fix when comes to having a happy sex. Time, energy and commitment are required to rebuild a healthy sex life. Should you need more ideas to help you in this process, you can click on Hot Sex and Overcome Low Libido

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