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What is it about a sexual encounter that makes it so great? What are the things you can do to turn a woman on? Here are the 6 tips to make it happen.


(1)     Make her feel comfortable


You can do this by telling her that she looks and tastes great. This is very essential because women by nature tend to be insecure and it helps a lot to give them some periodic or regular assurances.


When a woman feels confident about the appearance of her genitals, she will be more open to the different kinds of sexual activity and is more likely to orgasm because she feels relaxed. So next time when you go down on your woman, you should be enthusiastic, tell her how beautiful she is and how great she tastes. Do not treat this whole lovemaking process like a chore.


(2)     Keep yourself relaxed


You have to recognize that sex is never always perfect. Do not worry if it does not work at times. Avoid making intercourse the be-all/end all. You have to learn to completely let yourself go during sex and just simply enjoy the process without worrying too much of the outcome. Give yourself some room for mistakes and do not be too harsh on yourself. Once you stop worrying about it, it will start working.


(3)     Get her in the mood


If you want your woman to be uninhibited in the bedroom, you have to give her a little push by setting the mood. Take a sensual bath together. Washing one another is an intimate and seductive act. Take your time to caress the sensitive areas and feel free to sneak in a tongue or a finger.


Light the room with some scented candles and incense and play some soft music. Choose a sexy movie she is comfortable with and watch it together. Read to her some erotic short stories. A good way to turn a woman on is to give her a full body massage.


If she is comfortable, you can try something kinky such as tying her wrists with a tie and explore her body. You can sensuously feed your woman by coating your fingers with strawberry-flavored ice-cream, chocolate pudding and letting her lick your fingers.


(4)     Pay attention


The best way to satisfy and please her is to listen to what a woman wants in bed. So when in doubt, open your mouth. Find out what she likes during intercourse and the positions that can make her orgasm fast. It is usually woman on top, facing away, also known as reverse cow girl.


Do not assume that you know everything about your woman even though you have been with her for a long time. It will be better to ask her while not in the bedroom such as when you are taking a walk with her in the park or doing some other casual yet intimate things together. Make it a habit to chat with one another everyday about how you are feeling.


This extends to listening well and paying attention to non-verbal cues. You have to learn to ‘tune in’ to her body by listening to her breath, feeling the change in the temperature of her skin and the way her muscle tone changes. By really tuning in, you will eventually know exactly what she wants you to do to make her come.


(5)     Kiss like teenagers


The kiss is one thing that couples must not take for granted. Women put a lot of importance into a kiss. How you kiss can make or break her feelings for you. Couples who have been together for a very long time simply make love and often head straight to the intercourse.


The kiss is an incredibly intimate gesture, one which can express passion, love and building intensity and arousal – all in one go. When meeting your lover after a long day, in bed at night, or while going out, you take the time to kiss her gently and with intention. This will make your partner feel incredibly special.


(6)     Sensual touching


Touching her everywhere releases a powerful sex hormone called oxytocin, which increases a woman’s testosterone levels and ignites her sex drive. Learning all about the various ways of touching and the different sensual massage techniques to female arousal will greatly increase your lovemaking skills as well as her pleasure. A woman’s erogenous zones can be found all over her body. These are the ‘hot spots’ that can set her off into frenzy, if carried out the right way.


Hot spots on a woman include the lower back, inner thighs, neck, hands, ears and any foldable parts of the body area (excluding the intimate areas which should only be explored at least 15-20 minutes of gentle caressing of her hot spots). Slow and sensual touching allows a woman’s arousal to slowly build up to a level which allows her to experience incredible pleasure and satisfaction during intercourse.


Now you have it. The key tips to better love making and female pleasure. Do you want some more? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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