How To Cope If She Has A Lower Sexual Desire Than Yours





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Are you unhappy with your sex life because she has little or lack of sexual desire? What can you do when you are faced with this situation?


Do you have any of the following symptoms–


(a)    You have sex maybe 10-12 times in 3 years

(b)   She has little or no interest in sex and any other sexual activities

(c)    Sex becomes a chore for her

(d)   You initiate almost all sexual activities

(e)    When she does initiate it, she wants to quickly get over with it

(f)    You no longer have any sexual fantasies about your partner

(g)   You do not feel connected to each other emotionally and sexually

(h)   You increasingly feel lonely, dissatisfied, unloved and empty


If you have one or more of the above symptoms, you are likely to face the situation of a low or no-sex relationship or sexless marriage. There may be many underlying reasons for a woman to be not interested in sex and it is very normal for you to feel frustrated when you have unmet expectations.


Here are a few suggestions that you can try at least to start the ball rolling in order to reverse this trend of decreasing sexual desire.


(1)   Reclaim your sexual side for yourself


Orgasm is a great stress reliever and there is a need for an outlet for your sexual release. A way you can do is to masturbate. This will help to keep your emotions in check if the level of frustration continues to intensify. Do remember that it is your responsibility to keep in touch with your own physical needs.


(2)   Touch her in non-sexual ways


Studies have shown that a simple touch can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, decrease pain and fear, inhibit loneliness and release endorphins in the brain that not only make us feel loved, but want to give love in return.


Affection and non-sexual touch can build trusts, deepen intimacy and strengthen a relationship. Holding hands, hugging, kissing and gentle massage of the neck, shoulders and back are wonderful ways to show affection without the pressure of sex. You need to break the touch barrier that is happening between the both of you.


(3)   Have a heart-to-heart talk


You can put across how you feel to your woman in a non-confrontation way. You can say something like this – “I love you. I feel that something that is important to me is missing in our relationship. I need a more intimate relationship.” Then ask her to set aside a time to have the most open and honest conversation about sex that you can ever have with her.


If she says no, ask if she would prefer to do it with the help of trained personnel such as marriage counselor or a sex therapist who is non-judgmental and unbiased. If she still says no, tell her that being in a sexless marriage is not what you want and you are willing to work with her to make life together better and that you are asking her to be willing to do the same.


During the open and honest conversation there is a need to find out about your woman’s sexuality such as whether she ever feels sexy, either alone or with you; whether she can pinpoint anything that happen to her in the past that can cause her to hold back sexually; has she ever masturbated or have an orgasm; any reasons for her for not wanting to have sex.


There is a need on your part to be dedicated and patient enough to help her discover her sexuality, possibly for the first time. You must also be willing to do whatever it takes to let her feel comfortable enough to feel sexual.


You need to tell her that you feel unloved, dissatisfied and empty when being trapped in a low-sex or sexless situation. Explain to her that you are willing to do anything to make sure she will enjoy a sexual relationship with you as much as you will.


If her level of sexual experience is an issue, offer to show her what feels good for you. Also ask her to show you what feels good to her, the better if she is willing to masturbate in front of you. Help her to embrace her sexuality and encourage her to share it with you. Learning how to love and please each other is a great bonding experience which can help to strengthen a relationship.


Living in a sexless relationship for long times is very stressful and unhealthy physically, mentally and emotionally. All it takes is the willingness to invest the time and energy to do whatever it takes to save your marriage/relationship by revitalizing your sex life.


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2 Replies to “How To Cope If She Has A Lower Sexual Desire Than Yours”

  1. Dont know why she doesn’t want sex anymore she’s saying cause she’s not horney other time cause of our daughters afraid of any sound we might make but its been over 2y, im tired

    1. Your wife’s situation is due to low sex desire. If daughters are the real issue, both of you can do it when they’re not around. 2 years in sex draught is quite serious. Have to really dig deeper to see if there are any underlying issues such as is she angry with you, is it due to some medical conditions she may has and she didn’t tell you. If she refuses to talk about this matter to you, probably has to seek professional advice in the form of counseling.

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