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After you have kids, it is often the children’s needs took precedence over other needs and the chances are your sex life will be affected. By the time kids have gone to bed, probably both of you are quite exhausted. But one day the children will be gone. It is therefore very important to keep the closeness and intimacy in the relationship by taking time and effort to foster it. This means putting romance at the top of the to-do list in your daily life.


All you need is a new approach to time and energy management especially when it comes to making time and saving enough energy for lovemaking with your partner. You may not be able to have spontaneous, carefree sex, but there are simple ways of reintroducing sex and reminding yourselves how much you enjoy it. The following are some ways on how to create the spark for romance during those wonderful and precious moments while not sacrificing your time for rest and not compromising your roles as responsible parents.


(1)   How to get back into sex if you haven’t had sex for a while or feel like you have lost the passion?


Try to take it easy by starting with just cuddling and stroking each other naked, but without going all the way unless you want to. Get to know each other’s bodies again, maybe with a sensual massage or having a bath or shower together and remember what you use to enjoy.


Women may even find things feel different after having a baby, so it really can be a voyage of discovery. At other times, hold hands, touch and kiss every chance you get. The key is trying to relax into it and going with the flow. The feelings you stir up may surprise you.


(2)   How to find time for each other?


This requires you to talk it over and make the commitment to set aside quiet time for intimacy. You can pick one night of the week for your ‘special date’ and make it sacred. If one of you is required to travel due to job duties, you can pick an alternate night to your pre-arranged fun night and stick to it. To spice things up, you can take turns planning what to do on your date nights.


Many couples are just too exhausted to have sex once they have sent the kids to bed. This is normal and perfectly okay. How about trying something new like making love in the morning? Our testosterone levels are higher in the morning (peaking at 10am) than at other time of the day. This is one of the reasons men wake up with an erection. For women, morning sex is also good for them because all the life’s distractions that interfere with arousal are still ‘submerged’ under their ‘semi-sleeping’ minds. Therefore, try taking advantage of the sleepy comfort of making love in the morning on a weekend when you do not feel the need to wake up at the crack of dawn.


Another way is, if you are too tired to have sex, you go to bed but set the alarm. Once the alarm goes off, give yourself an hour or so to get intimate. Then take turns giving one another a massage until both of you go back to sleep.


(3)   Try quickie sex


How about having quickie sex in the shower? Let’s face it; having fast sex is sometimes better than no sex at all. Let your kids enjoy their favorite computer games as a ‘reward’ for good behavior or good exam results and let them know mommy and daddy are going to do some ‘area cleaning’. For sure, kids will leave you alone because they seldom volunteer for household chores. With foot rests, handles, vibrating sponges, handcuffs and water-proof display cards, this set-up is supported with super powerful suction caps to stay put while you and your partner get wet. Do take note that water washes off water-based lubricants, so get a silicone based lubricant for shower sex.


When you are doing quickie, you can take turns to be the center of attention – it gets to be all about you tonight and all about your spouse tomorrow tonight. In this way, each of you gets an opportunity to orgasm as much as you want without the pressure to perform. You will save time and energy and give each other something to look forward to.


(4)   Block out all distractions


Nothing spoils the mood more than those unnecessary or irritating distractions. Therefore turn off all those electronic gadgets that include computer, cell phone and Blackberry. Some workaholic bosses have this annoying habit of (not giving you peaceful time even after office hours) texting or calling their staff during late nights or early hours in the morning. If you are addicted to your smartphone, you will have to leave it in another room, locked up.


Getting creative is the key to find new ways to have time for making love. So after you have finished reading this, do not linger too long in front of the computer and start getting into the act! Want to get some more ideas to keep the passion ongoing? Click on Hot Sex and Turn The Heat On

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