How To Get A Woman To Act Wild




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Does your woman behave like a cold fish in bed? Have you ever wished she could have been a little naughtier like talking dirty or saying things like ‘fuck me hard’, ‘I want to fuck you right now’, or you like her to grab your dick out of the blue when out somewhere or just anywhere? If you do, here are some ways you can bring out her hidden wild side and mold her into the lower scale nymph which you want her to be.


(1)   Tell her it is okay to be dirty, naughty and bad


All girls have a naughty side to them, especially the good girls who have been suppressed throughout their life. They are the ones that usually want very much to release their bad girl side if given the chance, even though they are the most innocent on the outside. Women are conditioned to fulfill the role of ‘good girl’. Therefore you have to give your woman the permission to break out of that mold, to change from being daddy’s and mummy’s good daughter to being your ‘hot girlfriend’.


(2)   Overcome her fear of rejection


One of the reasons she may wants to pretend to be a good girl is because of her fear of rejection. The best way to overcome her fear of rejection is to give her the power to pleasure you and herself. If she jokes about being blindfolded, or making out in the wilderness, do something like that. Let her overcome her fears and you will see how uninhibited she will be when both of you are in it.


Another way to overcome her fear of rejection is to show her you are up for it by sending out subtle signals. This can be as simple as lounging around in a bathrobe after a shower, or dimming the lights and playing her favorite sexy music. This will create a relaxed but suggestive atmosphere where she is pretty sure she will not be rejected.


(3)   Make her feel sexy


Compliment the way she looks when both of you go out. Tell her how much she turns you on. Place your hand on her lower back, and tell her how badly you want to run your hands all over her. Plant a long kiss on her in the morning and tell her you cannot wait to ravage her later. Make her feel seductive when she is out and she will reciprocate in bed.


(4)   Boost her confidence


If she does not like to reveal flesh, hiding her body under sheets and pillows when you are with her, it is probably because she is not comfortable showing it off to you. To keep her at peace with her body, go for general compliments like – ‘Your body is incredible’. The reason is women can be weird in certain ways; if you say something nice about her breasts, she will wonder why you do not like her buttocks.


If she is squeamish about giving you oral sex, you guide her. When she starts giving you mouth-to-south resuscitation, you take her hands off your thighs and hold them with yours. Then you guide her hands to your penis so they form a tube around it. As her mouth goes up and down, you rotate her hands clockwise and anti-clockwise. This smooth sailing will boost her confidence with her hands acting as a comfortable bumper between the 3 inches of her mouth and the 5 inches or more of your penis.


(5)   Encourage her to act out her fantasies


The truth is that every woman has a hidden fantasy. Encouraging her to talk about it is the first most important step. If you give her permission, gain her trust, soon she will open up and tell you her real feelings, which you should respect and never joke about. Once she has your confidence she will reveal to you a very different character – you never knew existed.


The next step is to encourage her to act out her fantasies. The first fantasy many women have is to believe that they are having sex with a virgin. Let’s assume you are a virgin and that she is Miss Gaga. This turns out to be something like a power game for her, a sort of forbidden activity she is indulging in. Ask her to dress like a secretary for you with a close fitting mid length skirts and a shirt that is unbuttoned to reveal a sexy push up bra. Just asking her this will get the fun goes on.


Throughout the process, you let her take the initiative and you cheer her on. When it comes to the undressing part, do so reluctantly and take it along very slowly which can add to the enjoyment. Many women like to have a lot of foreplay before the main act, just oblige her.


So, go on prepare for a night of wild passion, which you have always dreamed of. At the same time, you can give her a squeaky-clean source of dirty ideas and ‘cheese cake recipes’ by referring her to Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm


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