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Do you harbor secret dreams of being a maiden in distress who meets a bad cop or been taken advantage of by a sexy stranger? Or, are your dreams a little naughtier, maybe weaseling your way out of being arrested, by seducing the one person who has the power to let you go?


Women like to imagine being caught and punished for doing something forbidden with the possibility of getting away scot-free. To many women, it is fun to have such thoughts.

Why is this good for women?


(1)   Sexual domination and submission


About 57% of women have submissive fantasies at least half of the time they fantasize. They like the fantasy where they get to be the one who is pursued and having control being taken away by men. This is a fantasy where someone aggressively initiates sex, giving an opportunity for the other person to refuse, but ‘grudgingly gives in’.


In real life, such a scenario would be non-consensual or dangerous and outright illegal. A struggle that can only mean constant rubbing of bodies may happen under such situations. Any thrashing that occurs can make your clothes ride up over your private parts.


(2)   Unpredictable and risky


These fantasies are basically erotic thoughts that make both of you feel sexier. They are arousing and add to the ‘moment’. The element of risk can get practically anyone going and the idea of surrendering herself or yourself to a sexy intruder or a mischievous cop can definitely push the boundaries of your sex life.


Since you are being forced into a situation when you have to think on your feet (e.g. a burglar creeps into bed while the victim falls asleep and forcefully covers her mouth before she can scream), this can even be more thrilling. By the time, the submissive hears the words of her over-powering assailant whispering, “You are mine tonight whether you like it or not”, she will gladly take the ‘punishment’.


(3)   Uniform fetish


Many people are obsessed and fixated by someone wearing a uniform. Uniforms worn by military men and police officers present an image of enhanced masculinity and authority can have a strong sexual appeal.


As soon as you put on the tight fitting trousers, shirt and cap, it is very hard not to take on the persona of an authority figure gone wicked. Another thing about uniform is they fit nice and smug and can help to cover up any physical flaws that a person may feel that his/her naked body has.


Some Role Playing Ideas To Try On


(1)   Soldier And Resistant Fighter


This can be played in either 2 ways. It can be the resistance fighter that has been captured and tied to a chair and interrogated at the location of a secret base. Or, it can be the soldier who has being caught by the local guerillas who are known for their ruthless treatment of the occupation forces.


(2)   Traffic Cop and Errant Driver


After catching a female driver for flouting traffic rules in the middle of the night, the traffic cop decides to teach this errant driver a lesson, so he stops the driver to issue her a summon. The driver begs the traffic cop to let her off because she already has 2 demerit points for past traffic offenses. This time round she will be suspended from driving if she has more than 2 demerit points. In trying to get the traffic cop to let her go, she tries to bribe him with sex.


(3)   Judge and Lawyer


A sexy rookie lawyer is working on a case that she cannot afford to lose. During one of the court recess periods, she tries to make a bargain in the judge’s chambers. The lawyer is willing to do whatever it takes to get her client off, even if this requires her to sleep with the judge.


What To Prepare


To make it more realistic, you need to get ready the required military uniforms, boots, fake badges, cap or hat, baton, sun-glasses, handcuff, rope, masking tape, rubber knife or other fake weapons.


People who engage in dominance and submission enjoy or take pleasure on either to dominate or being dominated by someone. Above all, always keep in mind to avoid any act that escalates into physically hurting the other person. After all, the whole idea of introducing role play is to find new ways for both of you to experience and enjoy yourself.


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