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Want to give your sex life a boost? How to bring back those hot and spicy moments when romance was new with our partner? How to avoid getting bored in bed? If you are looking for answers to these questions, read on.


(1)   Be honest to each other


It will be hard for you to experience the best sex of your lives unless both of you exchange ideas and sexual thoughts with each other. Spend more quiet time together, talk to your partner about your feelings and let her talk to you about hers. Everybody has favorites – favorite colors, flowers, food, etc.


Both of you will take a piece of paper and write down what you like best including what you like to do in bed. Then exchange and read each other’s list. Some people may need a little help at figuring out what really arouses them. There are plenty of tools out there to help such as books, magazines, videos and so on. Once you have come up with some ideas, discuss them with your partner. This can take away a lot of the guess work on how to please her as well as you during the next sexual encounter.


(2)   Behave like a Sex God


Women are turned on by a guy who is confident and secure in own self, especially in the bedroom. To understand how to look sexy, you need to feel sexy and understand what sex appeal is all about. Make an effort, dive into a few self-help sex guides and familiarize yourself with the good positions and the art of seduction.


To feel sexy on the inside, you need to feel confident about your sexual prowess and one of the ways to achieve this is to be knowledgeable. When you know you are good in bed, you can’t help but feeling confident about it, by taking charge of the situation and showing her you want her. By understanding sex and knowing what it takes to be sexy, you will then know how to look sexy to your partner, without even trying.


(3)   Try new things


Don’t forget that sex is supposed to be fun. The more fun you add into it, the more enjoyable it will be. Each time you feel like sex is starting to get monotonous, try something new to spice it back up. You can make even household chores sexy by making it more interesting. Whoever takes on the duty of a certain household task will have the right to request a striptease from his or her partner. If having sex in the house is too boring, go out and play.


Using sex toys in bed can be a lot of fun for both of you, especially when you are not used to watching your partner playing or working with a toy by herself.


If you want to get creative, lie over the ground on a thick rug. It can give you a lot more space to get creative and work with other fancy positions all over the floor.


To heighten the pleasure of sexual intercourse, you can also use soft thin sheets to silhouette your partner and pleasure her all over with these, or you can blindfold her with a silk scarf.


One small change that can have a big effect is to interrupt the pattern of how you usually have sex. If you normally have sex at night, you can initiate it in the morning or you can call her during her lunch break for a little afternoon delight. Instead of you being the one who is initiating sex, change this to both of you taking turns to initiate sex.


(4)   Make an effort to fulfill her sexual fantasies


Women may say what they want, but most women at least indulge in a few of these fantasies. Some girls think lesbian fantasy is hot. Many women do dream about getting molested or raped by a man. She may even dream about being surrounded by several men kissing, touching and seducing her at the same time. Others dream about stripping for an audience. They especially love it when a man takes out a few notes and dangles them down her g-strings.


Some women dream about stories where they would dress like a man but with nothing inside and take the man in front or back. Yet one of the bigger fantasies for men and women is to dream about a good threesome. Of course, there are plenty more female fantasies and there are always unique fantasies for women that may turn some women on more than the others. But as long as both of you are having fun, go on and explore what turns your partner on is a great way to spice up your sex life.


Sex is never boring. It is the routine that gets boring. Try something new can be uncomfortable at first, but it can open the doorway to better sex. Read the rest of the pointers on how to have great sex at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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  1. I love sex and more sex, now that i am in a n awesome relationship and feel secure loved and adored, iwant to keep it fresh intersesting HOT. Plaese email on my gmail or facebook or even my yahoo address. i am 44 and raring to go.!!! yEEhAW

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