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Do you want to learn how to improve sex life? Are you looking for ways to rekindle your love life? If you are simply looking for ways to spice up routine or boost your sexual energy level, here are a few simple ways you can try out to have the sex life you want.


(1)   Start from her brain


Men are visual creatures. They get aroused when they see a woman’s breasts. Women are more emotional and to a woman, sex is more than penetration. It is also an expression of love and closeness to a man. To turn a girl on, you have to seduce her brain. Do you remember how you used to send her flowers and emails? Or what about the times you cooked her dinner?


One of the best ways to turn up heat in your relationship is to keep doing all those sweet little things outside the bedroom to make her feel loved. To make your gestures more effective and sincere, you should do these even on those days you do not have sex. When she can feel your love, she will naturally feel a bit more connected. When the intimate moment comes, she will want to please you more and you will have fantastic sex.


(2)   Indulge in good foreplay


Foreplay is important to maintaining a healthy sex life. If you are looking to improve sex you may try things such as taking shower together. This gives both of you a good excuse to touch each other. These little gestures matter a lot to women especially, like hand holding or random kisses.


Women often complain that their men only touch them when they want sex. So, do not wait for bed time to touch and fondle her. In bed, try learning your partner’s erogenous zones by paying attention to her body signals and how she reacts to where and how you touch her. Another awesome way to improve your sex life is by giving your partner a sensual massage to start things off.


(3)   Oral sex


Foreplay often ends with both partners performing oral sex on one another. Sometimes, people take oral sex for granted, but it is something that will add to sex because it is pleasurable. Performing oral and getting blow job can really get people, especially women, in the mood for sex.


When performing oral sex on a woman, you should refrain from making jabbing movements with your tongue. Slower and softer movements work better for her. As for a woman who performs oral sex on her man, she should keep her teeth away from the penis and use her lips and tongue. When performing oral sex you should use your hands and toys to enhance the experience. Let your partner lead you with directions, so you know what he or she prefers.


(4)   Add in sex toys and lubricant


The use of tools or props when having sex can be something that will easily make sex more enjoyable. Not only that but it may be a way that can help you last longer and give your partner even more orgasms. Get a dildo, vibrator or something that you can use on your girl to bring her to orgasm.


Lubrication is important to make sure that sex is both comfortable and enjoyable. Lubrication for a woman is the equivalent of an erection for a man. To facilitate lubrication, you can standby with a bottle of lubricant. The important thing is to do whatever it takes to make sex fun and not to settle for a mediocre sex life.


(5)   Keep on improving


Having a better sex life will take some work. Some of your attempts may not work. Trying something new always involve some degree of risk. As the saying goes – no risks no rewards. If you do not want to get stuck in a rut and want to have good sex, get a book to learn more about the various sex positions. Read it together with your partner so that you can discuss and make a choice about which new positions you can try on. Making a consistent effort to improve on your knowledge and skill is the key to a better love life.


Listen to your heart and follow where your heart goes. Today you make the decision to trust your gut and do whatever it takes to make your sex life happy. Read the rest of the tips for better sex at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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