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According to several major surveys, only 25% of women have orgasm during intercourse. Why is it so difficult for a woman to reach orgasm during sex? Do you want to learn how to please a woman so that she can achieve orgasm as often as she wants? If you are looking for ways to satisfy and impress her, here are some tips you can use immediately.


(1)   Be romantic


First of all, you have got to know a woman’s orgasm begins in her mind. This means she will need to be seduced both mentally and physically in order for her to climax. If you are dating a new woman, you get her heart beat faster (and her mind in the mood for orgasm) with thoughtful gestures and pleasant surprises. If you are in a long term relationship with the woman in your life, you treat her like it is your first date.


You get her in the mood for passionate lovemaking by showing how much you care for her and how much you want to please her. Surprise her with a home cooked meal or some small gift, or a romantic gesture, then flirt outrageously with her.


Set the stage for a passionate encounter with soft lighting and sensual music. Prepare her for the inevitable climax by building up flirtatious touches and sexy strokes on her body everywhere. A woman will feel orgasmic when you are taking charge and knowing what you are doing. Stare straight into your woman’s eyes, pin her down, kiss and stroke her neck, wrists, inner thighs and other erogenous zones until she reaches orgasm. If you want to give your woman the best sex she ever had, you can talk dirty to her at the same time.


If you have built the sexual tension correctly, you can give your woman an orgasm easily. To be romantic means putting your woman’s emotional and sexual needs first and using your hands, tongue to make her orgasm before you reach climax. If you can give her the best orgasm, you are also more likely to get them in return.


(2)   Stimulate her clitoris


This is the key to female sexual arousal because most women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than through vaginal penetration. The clitoris is what gives women the most pleasure and the most pain during sex. Therefore the most important thing to remember when stimulating her clitoris is to adopt a balanced approach. Too much stimulation will make her clitoris so sensitive that she will feel uncomfortable. Too little stimulation will never make her orgasm.


For most women, it is better to focus attention on the clitoral hood first before direct contact with the clitoris. Once you have stimulated a woman’s clitoris sufficiently, orgasm is sure to ensue. Because every woman is different on what pleasures her the most, it is better to experiment with your partner and find out if she likes her clitoris to be stimulated directly or indirectly.


Be sure to mix up your actions by varying not only what part of your hands you use, but also the pressure and speed. Pay close attention to her breathing and body language. Feel free to ask her specific questions such as does she like it faster or slower. If your hands are tired, you can get the help of a vibrator. This will show her that you are willing to go the extra mile to please her.


(3)   Give her oral stimulation


Use your tongue and lips to bring pleasure to your partner. Many women love the feeling of cunnilingus and adore partners who pay homage to their clitoris in this intimate way. Encourage her to relax and focus on the sensations by blindfolding her and making yummy moans and groans while you go down on her. Instead of going straight for her clitoris, you spend plenty of time on her outer and inner vaginal lips.


If you build the proper anticipation she will be pressing your head closer to her body to show you that she is ready for more direct stimulation of her clitoris. Feel free to experiment with the different kind of licks, varying the pleasure and speed, but when you find one movement that sets her off, stick with it and you will be pleasantly rewarded.


(4)   Adopt clitoris-friendly positions


Women’s clitoris usually does not get much direct stimulation from intercourse but ingenious choosing of sexual positions remedy this. Allow your women to ride on top of you. Make a V with your 2 fingers and place them in such a way that each of your fingers is on either side of your penis as she rides on you. This will stimulate her clitoris and vaginal lips.


You can penetrate her from behind and at the same time play with her clitoris using your fingers. You can also use a small vibrator for extra intensity. When you are in the normal missionary position, you can put on a cock ring that vibrates against her clitoris during penetrative sex.


If you want your woman to have an orgasm easily, you have to start before the lights go out. Your woman’s orgasm begins right at the moment you tune into her mind and make her feel like a sexiest woman. For more information on how to make this happen, click Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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