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You used to have sex almost everyday. After a while the frequency of intercourse gets lesser and lesser. Even at those relatively rare encounters, it seems to need a lot of coaxing and nudging to get her in bed with you. Does this sound familiar to you? Age, lifestyle, energy level and hormones have great influence on female libido and if one or more of these factors are not functioning well; female sex drive can take a nosedive.


The reasons that women may not be enjoying sex are numerous and often complex. Sexual experiences reflect the interaction between the mind and the body. What goes on in a woman’s mind can affect both the sexual and non-sexual aspect of her overall life. Despite the complexity of these issues, you and your woman can still try a combination of ways that will improve her libido and put your sex life back on track.


(1)   Be a supportive partner


It is very common for women to get stressed from the daily commitments at workplace and home. Taking care of young kids can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Taking care of the house is also a never ending task particularly if she puts heavy emphasis on orderliness and hygiene. When your woman is thinking about work or kids, her mind will be overwhelmed with anxiety that sex is the farthest thing on her mind.


Therefore the key to better sex first starts in the mind. Help your woman relax and de-stress so that she is more open to intimacy and sexual intercourse. You will need to help her in managing time at home better. This may involve re-looking the usual ways in doing things such as exploring for ways to simplify things or cutting down on certain tasks, get her to take on activities to de-stress (such as yoga) or give her a hand with household chores (such as cleaning up after dinner). If you have children, get them to bed earlier. At other times, you can get help to look after kids for a few hours while you and your spouse go out.


You have to give her some time to release stress so that sex does not become one more chore at the end of the day. Pick a time that both of you have finished with what you are supposed to do so you do not just fall into bed. Turn off the TV or computer at an agreed upon time. The way to get your sex life back to normal is to avoid letting career, housework and child care to take precedence over your sex life. If you can only have sex at the end of the night, you may end up choosing sleep over sex most of the time.


(2)   Be patient


The slow approach to sexual intercourse works best. This is because a woman’s body does not function like a switch which can be turned on and off immediately. You have to do some preparation work to warm up her mind and body for intercourse. There are various ways to do this which include dirty talking, caressing, holding and touching very inch of her body if you can. Going too soon on genital stimulation is often neither pleasant nor arousing to a woman. This may even create negative feelings, both physically and emotionally. The same logic applies when you touch her breasts too soon.


This warming up process does not need to happen only in the bedroom or need to happen only when you want to have sex. This may make it looks too objective-oriented and lack of sincerity to some women. A woman’s sexual desire is very dependent on her state of mind. In your daily life, you have to look for ways and opportunities to build on this good feeling with her. Women yearn for emotional connection more than anything else and you need to do this to get her in the mood. This means treating her with kindness and consideration in and outside the bedroom.


(3)   Put importance on clitoral stimulation


Again too early stimulation on the clitoris is counter productive because the clitoris is highly sensitive and many women prefer indirect stimulation. This can be done by kissing, licking and caressing around the outside of her vagina which can be very rewarding and enjoyable for her. It is only when she is fully aroused that you can give prolonged and direct clitoral stimulation.


The reason why you should pay more attention on clitoral stimulation is because less than 50% of women have orgasm during intercourse itself. The normal missionary position does not normally offer sufficient clitoral stimulation. To increase the chances of orgasm, you can stimulate the clitoris through oral sex, using your fingers to rub on it, using a vibrator and choosing those sex positions that can increase contact with the clitoris.


The bottom-line here is to understand what makes your woman feel angry, hurt, insecure dot loved. If you are able to understand what makes her tick sexually and becoming an expert in fulfilling her needs, your woman will regain her sex drive eventually and reach orgasm easily.


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