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A guy once dated a woman who could orgasm so much that she sprayed like a fountain. He feels great about this experience and wants the same thing to happen to his current girlfriend. Can this happen to any woman or how does this happen?


What is just described here is female ejaculation. In layman terms, it is called squirting. This can be part of sexual response from some women. There are 2 types of female sexual response fluids. The most commonly known type is the vaginal ejaculate which lubricates the vaginal wall and protects her against infection due to its slightly acidic nature.


The less commonly known type of female sexual response fluid is the one that comes from the Skenes glands (the glands that make up the g-spot) and bladder. This is similar to the prostrate fluid in men but unlike the male ejaculate, this type of female ejaculate has nothing to do with reproduction. This type of female ejaculate is not commonly seen in large amount. Only a few women can experience this fountain-like phenomenon.


Not all women ejaculate. This is not because women are not capable of ejaculating; rather it is due to lack of understanding of women’s sexual health issues. Even for those women who can, most do not ejaculate all the time during every kind of sexual activity. For both male and female, ejaculation can happen with or without orgasm. For women who ejaculate, ejaculation usually happens before orgasm. No matter how men feel about it, not all women are comfortable with or enjoy ejaculating.


Female ejaculation fluid is not urine though it passes through the urethra, which is the same place we urinate. Some women are also confused by it because when they are about to ejaculate, the feeling is as if they are about to urinate. But this is not so. This is because the composition of contents in urine and female ejaculation fluid are grossly different. Upon testing the liquid, scientists discover that it contains sugar and an enzyme (prostrate acid phosphatase) which is a major component in semen. Urea and creatinine which are found in greater proportion in urine, are minor components in female ejaculation fluid.


If a woman ejaculates, it is mainly due to extensive and targeted g-spot stimulation and/or clitoral stimulation. The g-spot is located along the front wall (towards the belly)of the vaginal canal about 2 inches from the opening. For many women, the best stimulation of that area usually will happen with toys or fingers or choosing sexual positions that allow the penis to provide that stimulation as well.


When a woman is highly aroused due to clitoral and/or g-spot stimulation and feels like quite close to orgasm or having one and if she can just relax and push just like she does when urinating, ejaculation will happen if it is going to.


Till now there is still no definitive answer as to why some women cannot ejaculate. It is probably they do not get the kind of sexual stimulation they need to do so or they are not aroused enough to get there. Some women do not feel comfortable and try to hold back because they mistakenly think they are going to urinate.


When comes to ejaculation, a guy has to keep this in mind that sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. You cannot force this on a woman and give her unnecessary pressure.


What matters most is not whether she orgasms or ejaculates. The best way to approach this is to focus on her pleasure and enjoy the whole process. What a woman needs is connection with her partner. If she can feel it, she can still be sexually satisfied even without orgasm or ejaculation. If you try to set goals like trying to make her orgasm or ejaculate during each sexual encounter, you can only make this even less likely to happen because you are putting too much stress on yourself and her.


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