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How To Let Her Have The Strongest Orgasm


According to some studies, 15% of women never experience an orgasm and 50% to 75% of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse. Therefore the chances of you being able to make a girl orgasm are quite low. Do you want to increase the chances of women reaching orgasms when they have sex with you? Here are some ideas that you can help a woman to get there.


(1)   She has to be comfortable first


All our desires originate from our minds. Therefore a woman has to be completely relaxed in order to have an orgasm. If she is stressful, very concerned about how her body looks in front of the mirror and wondering if she is abnormal because she seldom or can’t orgasm, for sure she will not be able to orgasm.


To keep her mind at ease so that she can get in the mood, reassure her that she is adorable and praising the positive aspects of her at every opportunity. When the moment arrives, you can start by taking a shower together which will give you lots of chances to touch each other. After this, you can pamper her with an erotic massage. This should be a perfect foreplay to start with.


(2)   Give her lip service


Almost every woman loves oral sex. Most women can easily reach orgasms through clitoral stimulation rather than during sexual intercourse. You can tease her clitoris by using your tongue to draw circles around it. When she is getting more aroused, you can mix up your tongue movements with left-to-right and up-and-down.


During the process, she can give you feedback about her preference by verbal or non-verbal means such as squeezing your hand twice if she is uncomfortable. To give her extra pleasure, you can pucker your lips around her clitoral tip and gently apply suction. This can increase blood flow to the clitoris and make it even more sensitive.


(3)   Use your fingers


You can enhance the effects of oral sex by using your fingers to rub on her g-spot. This should only be done when she is highly aroused. This is because under normal condition,  it can be quite difficult to reach for her g-spot, which is located about 2 inches deep from her vaginal opening. Make sure you trim your fingernails and preferably you lubricate your fingers for easier entry.


When you finger your girl, find a position you feel comfortable with. You may like to position either by facing her, perpendicular to her or side-by-side with her. Whatever position you choose, when your fingers are inside her, they should be pressing against her belly. While fingering her, you should continue with clitoral stimulation either using your tongue or your thumb to rub on the clitoris. This combined action if done properly will give your girl not only one orgasm but multiple orgasms. When she orgasms, her vaginal muscles will contract and squeeze against your fingers and you should only pull out your fingers after her muscles relax.


(4)   Get into position


At this stage, it will be best to get into those positions that will continue to stimulate either the clitoris or the g-spot.


(a)   Penetration with support


She is lying on her back. You can either place a pillow or a wedge under her buttocks to elevate her hips so that they are almost at right angle to the bed. To keep the position stable, press her knees against her chest as you penetrate her. This position allows you to reach her g-spot easily.


(b)   Legs on shoulder


She will place her ankles on your shoulders. You will push her knees towards her chest in order to raise up her hips. You will penetrate her in this position. The advantage of this position is that it allows double stimulation. Your penis will stimulate her g-spot. You can use your fingers to rub her clitoris.


(c)    Enter from behind


This is the doggie position that many women like because it also offers easy stimulation of the g-spot during penetration. Same as the above position, you can also use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris.


These tips here should increase the chances of your girl at least having an orgasm. Most important, just be patient and do not pressure her. She may or may not orgasm sometimes ( not your fault or hers). But be patient. Practise these tips will definitely make her orgasm most of the time.


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