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Is there a cure for the sagging of breasts without surgery? I have saggy boobs with stretch marks after weight loss. I don’t want to go for any surgery. Do you have any ideas to share please?


Here are some ways to cope with the sagging of breasts.


(1)   Do Yoga Exercises


You can do some simple yoga exercise which is found to be very beneficial in breast augmentation and to make the muscles of the breast firm. Slowly raise your arms as high as you can. Then, join your palms above the head. Push your arms in the upward direction as much as you can. Stay in this position for as long as you can. Repeating this as many times as you can for 15 minutes daily will tone up the sides of your breasts. Within two months you will find a gentle lift in your breasts.


You may like to watch a video of yoga exercise for breast firming


(2)   Do Breast Massage 


You can combine yoga exercise with a daily massage. For maximum benefit, the breast massage should be done after a shower when the skin is still moist. To make this more effective, you bath the breasts with cold and hot water alternatively. For that, you can alternately spray hot water and then cold water about five times. Doing this improves blood circulation and gives your breasts a better shape.


You start the massage by using a cream or lubricant. First, you place your right hand underneath the left armpit. Then proceed to pull your hand towards the middle of your body. Next place your left hand on the side of the breast. Your hand should follow the breast contour. Make sure your thumb is pointing in the outward direction and let all the other fingers point downwards. Then proceed to apply pressure in the direction of the center of your body. Finally, move the right hand a little more to your middle, then go on to use your left hand massage your breast in a clockwise direction. Then continue to do this for your other breast.


(3)   Do Exercise To Firm Pectoral Muscles


Besides yoga and massage, there are a few exercises you can do to firm your pectoral muscles in order to make your breasts firmer and younger. One of the simplest exercises that you can perform at home is push-ups. Place your palms on the floor, with a distance. Keep your hands straight. Rest your knees and feet on the floor. Slowly bend your elbows with keeping your back straight so that your body touches the floor. Now raise back your arms and legs to the same previous position. Repeat for five times in the beginning. This exercise helps to develop the pectoral muscles below the breast.


Another good exercise to firm your pectoral muscles is the butterfly-like press. Get a pair of dumbbells that weighs between 3 and 5. Get yourself seated on the tip of a chair with your back stretched vertically and arms by your sides. Lift your arms to the side slowly up until it reaches the shoulder height. Hold on to this pose for 5 seconds and bring your arms back down. These exercises if done daily or at least three times a week would result in larger and firmer breasts. Additionally these exercises also help strengthen your back muscles.


Another very simple exercise you can consider is the arm resistance exercise. Just stand straight such that you are facing the wall. Now place your palms on the wall and try to exert force against the wall. You will be able to feel a strong pressure building up in the chest region. Stay in this pose for about 20 seconds and then remove your palms from the wall. Repeat the same 10 to 12 times. Doing this exercise daily will help in toning of pectoral muscles and give a lift to your breasts.


(4)   Proper Posture


Maintain good posture is another natural breast lift exercise. To sit, stand and walk straight without bending your spine forward will naturally lift your breasts. Besides lifting your breasts; a proper posture can help you to avoid back pain, have better digestion and feel better about yourself. Stand with your head up and your chin slightly forward. Tuck in your stomach as you push your shoulders back and stick out your chest.


(5)   Wear a Well-fitting Bra


While exercise is important to lift and shape the breasts, taking measures to prevent further damage is equally important. Wearing a supportive well-fitted bra throughout the day will offset gravitational pull. A woman should wear a well-fitting bra for at least 10 hours a day, especially while working out. Wearing a bra rests ligaments, which are otherwise overused.


Wearing a properly fitted bra is particularly important if you have a habit of exercising regularly. A regular bra cannot provide enough support that is necessary for your breast tissue when you are walking, jumping or dancing. While exercising, wear a snug and supportive sports bra that does not allow the breasts to move or bounce. If you are large breasted, layering two workout bras is a good strategy. Because breast tissue is mostly fat, managing your body weight and reducing body fat through diet and exercise will diminish sagging due to stretched skin.


Also do replace your bras when the elastic wears out. Wearing a worn-out bra can also cause saggy breasts. Hand wash your bras, and hang them to dry to help the elastic last longer. A frequently worn and washed bra will last you about a year.


(6)   A Well Balanced Diet


Having a healthy, nutritious diet is vital and can always help to firm up your breasts. Eat a proper diet. Your diet should include whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lean protein, essential fats, carbohydrates, salts, vitamin C and E, calcium, and minerals. Eat a lot of vegetables especially vegetables like onion, garlic, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and cauliflower. At the same time, animal fat should be avoided. And, replacing your standard cooking oil with virgin olive oil and oily fish will help a lot. Having a diet rich in nutrients will help you in retaining muscle tone and in achieving firmer breasts.


Intake of caffeine should be stopped. Avoid smoking, which can worsen the appearance of saggy breasts. In fact, smoking reduces the amount of elastin in your skin, which can cause it to break down and sag prematurely. Eliminating smoking will prevent the sagging from worsening.


(7)   Use Sunscreen and Lotion/Cream


Apply sunscreen to any area of your chest that will be exposed prior to going outside. This protects your skin from sun damage, which can cause premature wrinkling and a breakdown of the elastin within that keeps the skin uplifted and supple. Also do apply a skin-firming cream or lotion. Choose lotions that contain herbal extracts like soy protein to encourage collagen production and keep skin tight and supple.


Genes, hormones and aging can naturally cause sagging. However, if you want to retain your breasts perky and lifted look, it is most important to adopt the best approaches to keep them in shape. You may like to read more about other related topics such as No More Saggy Boobs and Herbal Breast Massage Cream.

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