Does Circumcision Increase The Risk Of Erection Problems?





Could circumcision be having any significant impact on how to maintain an erection?


Circumcision is a very emotionally charged topic with some people feeling that this is unethical and should be outlawed. On the other hand, some are of the view that circumcision can help to lower the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Yet, till now, there are no national health authorities recommending that their citizens should practice circumcision.


According to some research studies, circumcision does indeed cause erectile dysfunction. The main reason cited in these studies is that the foreskin which protects the head of the penis has several kinds of specialized nerves that play an important role in sexual pleasure and sensitivity.


Without the foreskin to protect the glans (head of the penis), the surface of the glans will thicken due to its constant rubbing against the fabrics. As time goes on, this constant brushing against the fabrics can reduce the sensitivity of the glans to stimulation thus giving rise to problems in achieving erection.


Yet on the other hand, there are some people who claim that circumcision can never cause erection problems; though masturbation without a foreskin is quite different in the sense that some lubrication may be needed. They are of the view that the tip of the penis is still the most sensitive part and this will remain so, with or without foreskin.


What is my view?


Though I do not have a strong religious faith, I am of the view that there is a sort of a Creator up there and everything exists for a reason. Therefore we should not try to interfere too much with the way Nature sorts things out.


Following this logic, I am of the view that there must be some good reasons for the foreskin to exist. If not, the foreskin could have just degenerated or withered off long time ago. The view about the surface of the glans (head of the penis) being thicker due to constant rubbing against fabrics and leading to some decrease in sensation makes a lot of common sense to me. So, I do believe that there is still a possibility that this can lead to impotence or difficulty in getting an erection.


How to increase sensitivity of the penis?


(1)   Stroking and tickling


What I mean here is not masturbation. The purpose of doing this is to gradually restore the penile sensitivity. Instead of masturbating and having sex in the same way you usually do, you can try to stroke your penis gently and using feathers or soft brush to tickle, contact the glans. For a start, you can do this for five to ten minutes and gradually increase the time you do it. You will be pleasantly surprised how much the sensitivity of your penis has improved after a few months.


(2)   Touching your other erogenous areas


Rather than focusing on your penis, it will be better to touch other erogenous parts of your body. You will have to find out for yourself which other parts of your body are sensitive to touch. You can use your hands to feel for yourself, or you can use a vibrator or a massager to do it.


Commonly-known male erogenous zones (besides the penis) are the feet, ears, the back of the knees, the area of the abdomen between the navel and pelvis, the inner thighs, back of the neck, nipples, the area between scrotum (penis balls) and anus, the anus, and the inside part of the arms. Just make sure you touch your erogenous zones consistently.


(3)   Wear looser type of underwear that is made of soft materials


To reduce the friction between the glans (penis head) and the fabrics, you should change the type of underwear you are wearing. Get those looser ones that are made of soft materials such as cotton, rayon, silk-feel nylons.


(4)   Applying moisturizer on the glans


The main reason for the decrease in sensitivity of the penis is due to constant rubbing of the glans against the fabrics which causes its surface to become dry and thicken. In order to restore the penile sensitivity, you will have to regain the glans’ moisture and PH balance. A recommended way to achieve this is to use a moisturizing product, twice a day in the morning and evening, which is rich in essential natural vitamins, nutrients and amino acids.


(5)   Using a penis pump


A penis pump is a vacuum erection device consisting of a hollow tube with a hand-powered or battery-powered pump. It is used to achieve and maintain an erection that lasts long enough for sex.


To use this pump, the tube is placed over the penis and air is pumped out of the tube. Once you get an erection, you slip a cock ring around the base of the penis (behind the testicles) to keep blood from flowing out of this area so as to maintain the erection. After this, you will remove the tube. You have to be careful not to wear the cock ring for more than twenty minutes.


For more ideas to improve your sex life, you can read on further from Getting A Hard On and Stronger Erections.

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  1. You didn’t say nothing about foreskin restore. There are lot of sites and forums about this practice. When foreskin are restored most part of sensitivity of glans come back.

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