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You want to add about an inch or two to your length and about an inch to your girth.  You came across a bunch of pills, machines and stuff that swear they can make your penis grow. However, you are not sure about them. A friend whom you met online told you that there are some really good penis exercises. The question is will those exercises for penis enlargement work?


The short answer to this question is yes. But in order to be effective in helping you to have a bigger penis naturally, you have to know what a penis enlargement exercise can do and what really happens when you do these exercises.


For starters, these penis enlargement exercises are completely natural. This means you can do these exercises to gradually but permanently increase the length and/or the girth of your penis without relying on any equipment or chemicals. Other benefits you can get from these exercises include increased stamina, an increased sexual drive, a harder and bigger erection, more intense and stronger orgasms, no premature ejaculations, higher arousal, staying hard for as long as you want and most important, a mammoth increase of overall confidence. As a result, you are sure to arouse your sex partners better. The best part is it is completely safe, affordable for almost anyone and quite easy to undertake! All it takes is only 15-20 minutes effort.


Penis enlargement exercises are based on the principal of applying a moderate amount of pressure or tension to the penis over a short period of time, in order to facilitate growth. These exercises can range from one basic exercise to an advanced workout regimen consisting of multiple exercises.


If you are new to these exercises, you should never start out doing advanced exercises. For the first few weeks to months you should start with the basic exercises: the Kegel, the Arabic Jelq, and the Basic Stretch. If you are exercising your penis for health reasons, such as curing mild erectile dysfunction, then these are the exercises you can utilize.


With the exception of Kegel, before performing these exercises, you have to warm up your penis first to enhance the gains from these exercises and cut down the risk of injury. You do this by applying moist heat on your penis for 1-2 minutes by using a wet cloth which has been soaked with lukewarm water to wrap around your penis or simply dip your penis into a cup of lukewarm water.


The Kegel or PC Muscle Flexing


The PC muscle is located between your scrotum and anus. The PC muscle (or pubococcygeal muscle) is actually a group of pelvic muscles that helps bring a man or woman to climax. It stops the flow of urine and also pumps or pulses when you ejaculate. Strengthening and learning to control these muscles will then be the best way to a great sex life.


To do Kegel exercises, you contract these muscles for a slow count of five and then relax them also doing a slow count of five. You do this contract-and-relax action for ten times in each session and in each day you will do three sessions. You may find it easier for the start to both contract and relax your muscles for two or three seconds and after a few weeks to eventually increase the time to five seconds or more.


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Arabic Jelq or Milking Exercise


Place some lubricant on both hands and rub it onto your semi-erect penis. You alternate using one hand and then the other to squeeze the penis from the base to the tip. You do this non-stop for ten minutes and gradually increase this to twenty minutes by the third week of your exercise. After this exercise has been performed, you will notice that the head (or glans) becomes extremely red and that it will swell considerably. This is good sign that you are doing the technique right.  Take it easy and don’t expect immediate results. It can take 2 or 3 months to have visible enlargement.


This method works to increase the capacity of the penis to hold more blood so that you will have a thicker and larger penis. It also stretches the erectile tissue of the penis as well as the suspensory ligament, which will help to lengthen the penis. It can also treat penis curvature.


This exercise is not to be performed when the penis is fully erected because this will cause damage to the vascular vein in the penis. Ideally, this should be done when the penis is about 70-80% erected. If you find yourself getting an erection during this exercise or feeling the sensation of ejaculation coming on, you just simply wait until the penis ‘cool down’.


Your choice for lubrication is a crucial one, because if you choose one that evaporates easily then you will become tired of reapplying it. Your best choices for this exercise are Vaseline, mustard oil or baby oil with Vitamin E added.


Arabic Jelq is considered one of the best and more effective penis enlargement exercises if done correctly. Precautions like warm ups, regular routine, proper intensity and methods can give good results. According to a research done by Dr. Brian Richards in the 1970s which was published in the British Journal of Sexual Science, showing that up to 87% of men that participated in his study achieved 1.4 inch gain in the length of their penises and added 1 inch in the girth of their penis.


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The Basic Stretch


To do this penis stretching exercise, simply pull your soft penis by the tip, moving downward, and hold for a count of thirty. Don’t over stretch, simply pull on the penis until it is comfortable and hold it in place. Release the stretch and repeat up to three times. When you are first starting, you should do this no more than twice a day and each session should last for about five minutes. You gradually increase the duration of each session to ten minutes over a period of 6 weeks.


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