Pros and Cons of Various Penis Enlargement Options





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If you type the keywords ‘bigger penis’ or ‘penis enlargement’ on a keyword tool box, you will notice they are quite frequently searched by men who are looking for a solution to increase penis size. If you do a search, you will across hundreds and thousands of companies offering male enhancement products. You are so spoiled for choices that you do not know which is the best product or technique for you. You have to really weigh your options and analyze the pros and cons before signing up for a penis enlargement procedure. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about the commonly-used options and their pros and cons.


Penile surgery

There are two different parts to penis enlargement surgeries. One helps increase the girth and the other is intended to increase the length. Usually it is recommended to get both procedures done at the same time. To increase the girth, the skin cells and the fat cells from your abdomen are transplanted to the penis. The second part of the surgery is based on cutting the ligaments around Corpora Cavernosa, the penis tissue that fills up with blood. This tissue extends back into men’s body and can be as much as up to half of the penis length. By cutting the ligaments that keep Corpora Cavernosa back in our body, this hidden tissue is released forward therefore increasing the penile length outside the body. This can give great results although sometimes the increase can be minimal.

Pros of Penile Surgery

(a)    Increase in penis size by 1-2 inches

(b)   Increased confidence and self-esteem.

(c)    Renewed sense of masculinity and sexual potency.

(d)   Improved sense of well being and quality of life.

Cons of Penile Surgery

(a)    Not much change in penis size

(b)   Risk of disfigurement or dysfunctional penis

(c)    Damage to nerve endings

(d)   Infection

(e)    Intense pain

(f)    Excessive bleeding

(g)   Very costly, with the average surgery cost being over USD10,000

(h)   Long recovery period and you have to wait up to 6 months before you are able to have sex again.

So before rushing into making the decision of whether to get the surgery done to increase your penis size, make sure you are aware of all the risks involved. If you have made the decision to go through with the operation make sure the doctor that you choose is a board certified plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience in this field.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Most natural supplements for penis enlargement work by causing more blood to enter the penis during arousal, which will result in a harder erection. They will not create visible growth of your penis while it is in the flaccid state.

Pros of Penis Enlargement Pills

(a)    Far less invasive than using penis stretchers, penis pumps, or other surgical procedures.

(b)   Improve sexual desire

(c)    Stronger erection

(d)   Better control over ejaculation

Cons of Penis Enlargement Pills

(a)    Mixture of herbs and other compounds in inferior pills can cause permanent damage to body

(b)   Erectile dysfunction

(c)    Vision problems

(d)   Irregular heartbeat

(e)    Hearing impairment

(f)    Insomnia

(g)   May have no effect on penis size

(h)   Erection size may shrink once you stop taking the pills

(i)     May have to try several different herbs, or combinations of herbs before you find something that works

(j)     May need to use massage services or diet changes to accelerate growth

Medical experts often recommend that you should use these products strictly under doctor’s guidance.


Penis Pump


Penis Pump

The penis pump is a cylindrical device that works by removing the air surrounding the penis and then draws blood into the penis. This makes erection stronger and harder. The resulting effect stretches the penile tissues making it increasing in length and girth. But this effect is only temporary.


Pros of Penis Pump

(a)    Easy to use with very few side effects

(b)   Can be used to cure erectile dysfunction

(c)    Makes the penile muscles stronger

Cons of Penis Pump

(a)    May cause some discomfort

(b)   May cause pain, bruises or abrasion if used wrongly

(c)    Prolonged or relentless usage of the pump can cause damage to the penis and user may also experiences the feeling of cold sensation around the penis

However, these side effects are minimal as compared to other methods such as surgery and pills. Patience is critical in overcoming these side effects. Proper usage of the device by strictly following the manufacturer’s manual instructions is the best way to overcome the above side effects. You should not use the pump for more than fifteen minutes. You should maintain a low pressure during usage since high pressure can cause damage to the veins and arteries in the penis.

Despite the drawbacks, it has been found that proper usage of penis pump along with jelqing (penis milking exercise) can significantly enhance your penis enlargement exercise and provide a big boost in increasing the girth of the penis.

Penis Extender


Penis Extender or Stretcher

Penis extender technique involves using a penis traction device to stretch the penis. It promotes permanent penis enlargement and helps to increase both penis length and girth (thickness). It also helps to treat erectile dysfunction and correct penile curvatures. The penis traction device works by applying constant traction force on the penis, which ultimately makes the cells of the penile tissue to multiply, and thus the penis grows bigger.  

Pros of Penis Extender

(a)    Gains in length of about 1-3 inches and up to 1.5 inches in girth are often permanent

(b)   Blood flow is enhanced, erections are much stronger and fuller and stamina is increased significantly

(c)    Can do other things while wearing the Penis Extender

(d)   Can be worn up to 8 hours per day

(e)    Will grow some extra shaft skin, which (if you are circumcised) will help accommodate your bigger penis during an erection

Cons of Penis Extender

(a)    Cannot be worn easily in public

(b)   Takes a long time to make serious gains

(c)    Soreness in the organ, if the device is not used in a proper way, or if your skin is sensitive

(d)   Can hurt you, causing broken blood vessels, weak or soft erections and tears in the delicate penile tissue if you purchase cheap inferior device

(e)    Expensive (can cost up to over USD400)

(f)    Pretty fragile piece of equipment which can result in a variety of injuries, from rupturing the penile tissues to pinching delicate skin

However, if you do your research and purchase a high-quality penis extender, one which is backed by medical science and designed with safety in mind, you’re not likely to experience any cons! A 2002 study in the International Journal of Impotence Research revealed that stretching is an efficient form of physiotherapy in the treatment of ‘small penis’ sizes. The study was conducted by a group of Italian researchers on nine healthy men with ‘small penises’. These men were asked to use a stretching device for at least 6 hours per day for 4 months. After 4 months, the stretched penis augmentation was calculated to be 1.8 cm, and there were no side effects.

Penis Weights

Penis weights work in a pretty straight-forward method. This is done by suspending weights on the mid-section of your penis, and suspended for 12 hours a day, every day for 18 weeks. After some time, increase the number of repetitions for this exercise, as well as the heaviness of the weights that you are using. The gravity from the weights provides a gentle (or not so gentle, depending on the weights) downward pull. This steady pressure stretches the ligament that anchors your penis to your pelvis, thus extending the length of your penis.

Pros of Penis Weights

(a)    Increase the length of the  penis by 1-2 inches

(b)   The lengthening and stretching of the skin can help circumcised male to ‘reclaim’ their foreskin

Cons of Penis Weights

(a)    Will not increase the penis girth

(b)   Will not increase the size of your erect penis. The weights system doesn’t cause the growth of penile tissue, but simply stretches the suspensory ligament

(c)    Because the weights have to be attached to the middle of your penis in order to be effective, they can hinder blood circulation to the penis tip if fastened on too tightly

(d)   If loss of blood to an area is substantial and continues for a length of time, necrosis or tissue death may occur. This requires debridement surgery to remove the dead tissue.

(e)    You need to wear them while you’re standing — not while sleeping or laying on the couch.

Therefore prudence must always be taken when you use weights.  This is due to the fact that any mistake that you commit while doing this exercise can lead to some disastrous problems, such as nerve damage, chronic pain and even impotence.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

For those of us who are not willing to take these risks there are a few more natural alternatives to consider. First of all, there is penis enlargement exercises, which if performed consistently can produce permanent results by helping you to gain up to an inch in length and girth as well as get stronger erections on demand. They are very easy to perform and don’t take up much of your time, and don’t cost much.

Pros of Penis Enlargement Exercises

(a)    Ability to keep a harder, longer erection.

(b)   Boosting the amount of semen generated at ejaculation.

(c)    Improving the sexual control and performance.

(d)   Correct curvature of the penis.

(e)    Learn how to postpone your ejaculation.

(f)    Safer than other penis enlargement methods.

Cons of Penis Enlargement

(a)    Depending on each individual, these exercises may take at least over a year to see results. Success is very dependent on disciplined, perseverance and patience.

You can find a detailed and reliable guide on how to perform these penile exercises by simply go to Permanent Penis Enlargement and/or Grow Penis Naturally.

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