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Are you striving for the best that sex can offer? Do you want a happy and passionate sex life?


Time, stress, worries, interruptions can get in the way of our sex life for sure, but no one wants the added stress of always feeling inadequate. You may have heard many times over and over again that size does not matter. Though your partner will not say it to your face, penis size can and does make a difference during sex.


Even if your penis is average in size, but if you get this feeling of not measuring up, this can hurt your self-esteem. Feeling self-conscious is one of the top reasons that can affect your performance and when you are in the middle of getting down and dirty with your lover nothing is worse than worries or concerns of not being big enough; and/or she is not going to be happy!


If that doesn’t shrink your willy, nothing will. But luckily for you, and her, there is a non-surgery solution to increase your size down there effectively. What I am referring here is you can increase both the length and girth down there by way of stretching (penile traction) using a stretching device commonly known as penis extender.


Compared to surgery, an invasive procedure, penile traction is a non-invasive treatment that works in conjunction with your body’s ability to adapt. It is the only clinically proven penis enlargement method. In fact, according to surveys, 90% of men who have tried penis extenders have expressed their satisfaction over the results.


Penile traction feels like a slightly tense stretching force along the length of your shaft. The traction or stretching device works by pulling on selected areas of penile tissue in order to create micro tears. The body will treat these tears through cell regeneration creating new healthy cells. As you use the penis extenders for some period of time, the cells will continuously regenerate thereby increasing the length and girth of the penis.


Penis extenders don’t just improve the girth and lengthen your penis. Some specially designed penis extenders even claim to boost male libido and sexual performance. One of the best things that penis extenders can offer to its new customers is its ability to deliver long lasting results. The gains in length and girth of the penis by 28% and 19% respectively from using the penis extenders will not diminish as time goes by. Once you have achieved your desired length, you can now stop using the penis extender device.


To achieve the just-mentioned gains in size, you have to wear your extender every day for 4-6 months 4-6 hours a day. Basically you should aim for minimum 1000+ hours within 6 months. Normally people will see their first gains after daily use in 8 -10 weeks – however some users may see results after just a few weeks or after 3 months. Remember that the process is very effective but also very slow – using a penis extender therefore requires a lot of patience.


When using the penis extender, you should be EXTRA CAREFUL in order to avoid injury. You must follow the procedure in using the device as instructed in the package. Also, make sure to follow the company’s “exercise program” for your penis. Do not wear penis extenders to sleep. You have to keep your device clean.


There are also safety concerns when wearing a penis extender especially if the device gets too tight. The penis enlargement device should be adjusted every 15 minutes to release the tension on the penis. This is the reason why penis extenders shouldn’t be worn in public because adjustments should be done continuously.


Another point to remember is that penis extenders should only be worn under sweatpants, boxer shorts or anything that can provide a wider space. Slacks and gartered jeans are not enough because it can cause injury and permanent damage. If the gland feels any pain, numbness and sting feeling then it is advisable to adjust the device or remove it right away. Ignoring this kind of condition can be a serious matter.


Though penis extenders are proven to work effectively in penis enlargement but not all penis extenders are created equal. It is better to invest in a quality product rather than being impulsive – which may end up trashing a lot of cash.


One source you can check out and that I have personally tried is The ProeExtender System

Not only does this system work, it comes with a full money back guarantee. This system is complete and starts off with the penis enlargement device. This device was designed with you in mind by a medical doctor in Denmark.


The added bonus when you use the complete ProeExtender System is the CD which includes a series of exercises that you can do in the privacy of your own home. These exercises will compliment the other components of this amazing system. You will be happier, your lover will definitely be happier, and so all in all, you have nothing to lose except more fun, more pleasure and more confidence! Sounds like a super deal all around. So what are you waiting for? Give the ProeExtender System a try and you won’t be disappointed!


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