The Truth – Yes, Penis Size Does Matter and here’s why






Does a big penis make a big difference while having sex? Do girls like a big member while having intercourse? As much as your lover might try to reassure you that penis size doesn’t matter and it is what you do in the hole that really counts but the plain and simple truth is size does matter when it comes to having sex. Even if a small penis functions just as well when it has to do its job, a woman will definitely prefer a larger one over a tiny one for all the other reasons.


Sure there are ways of making lovemaking not all about the final act and sure you can even use simple techniques to make it more pleasurable for your partner. But the bottom line is, your size does play a huge role in whether you will be able to help your woman orgasm better.  Women get more satisfaction when they can actually feel your penis while you are working your magic.


Even just the thought of something that big going into her can excite her or even turn her on! Also let’s face it; a girl gets bragging rights if the sizes conversation ever does come up with her own girlfriends on a drunken night. If you are too small, as much as they say it doesn’t matter, there is less sensation internally for the woman, and her pleasure just is not as intense as if you were larger.


So even though there is controversy on the correlation to penis size and performance there still is a valid reason to want to have a larger penis. There are a lot of studies that have proven that ejaculation is not directly correlated to size either, but it is still a huge turn on for a lot of women to see that huge load. In their minds, the larger the volume of semen, the more masculine the man appears to be. And who wants to have anything stand in the way of their masculinity? Not you, that’s for sure.


Take yourself back to the days of the school gym locker room. Those boys that were well endowed, even as youngsters, really knew how to strut their stuff and automatically intimidated the rest of you that just didn’t quite have the same luck of the genes. Penis size matters in more ways that most people want to admit.


There is some inherent psychological correlation between penis size, masculinity, and self-confidence. If you are a guy with a less than memorable penis size, you could end up shying away from the opposite sex just because you feel less than well-endowed down there. When you’re too small, it can be quite a letdown when she slips her hand in and find’s a baby penis in your shorts. You know what; it may even freak her out! And just imagine how that will affect your morale and confidence!


You can try to dispute that all you want, but when you know you have confidence, when you know you look good, when you know you have it going on, you exude a sense of masculinity that has all the gals giving you that look, whether you are sitting in a bar, or just walking down the street. And if you know you have the package to back that up, you will be sure to go home with the most sought after girl in the pub and be the envy of all the other guys there.


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