Pain During Sex: What Every Woman Must Know About Vaginismus






The process of making love is supposed to be the one in which there are lots of pleasure. However, if a girl experiences some problems while having intercourse, this can truly spoils the total essence of making love. The foremost source of a girl suffering from soreness during intercourse is Vaginismus.


Most women do not have any idea of what Vaginismus is all about. If you experience soreness during intercourse, then most likely you are suffering from Vaginismus. Exactly, what is Vaginismus? What are the signs? How can this be prevented? What are the treatment methods for Vaginismus? Read below for answers to these questions about Vaginismus.


What is Vaginismus?


Vaginismus is an involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles which close-off the vaginal opening therefore making any kind of vaginal penetration agonizing or painful. It really is a rare problem and stays invisible as many females feel embarrassed to speak about very painful intercourse. Because of this, the precise amount of women impacted by Vaginismus is not known.



The most widespread symptoms of Vaginismus are pain or perhaps a burning feeling within the vaginal region while having sex. The pain is sometimes so unbearable that it may make lovemaking almost impossible. Many women who have vaginismus also experience discomfort when inserting tampons and during a doctor’s internal exam


Is Vaginismus avoidable?

There is no known way with which you can prevent Vaginismus. Even so, it usually is far better when you have an open communication with your significant other as this can help you to stop the worsening of the situation.


Vaginismus has various potential reasons; all these primarily can include past sexual abuse or trauma, history of experiencing discomfort while having sex, emotional issues such as stress, anxiety or fear while having intercourse. Other conditions such as infections, vaginal trauma experienced during child birth, fear of getting pregnant and painful first time having sex can all lead to unconscious control of spasms that cause Vaginismus.


A pelvic exam can help you to realize whether you’re truly struggling with Vaginismus. Besides this, a comprehensive physical assessment as well as an individual’s medical history is also important as it allows you to eliminate the various other reasons for painful sex or Dyspareunia.

Can it be cured?

The answer is, Vaginismus is highly curable and a woman can get rid of the soreness suffered while having intercourse.

Whom to consult?

To treat the condition, you may either speak to a doctor or a sex therapist who specializes in treating sexual difficulties.


Vaginismus can be simply treated by undergoing various Vaginismus treatment plans. It is far better treated if the female goes through the treatment programs at her own speed plus in a way that she thinks is the most suited to her. The treatment consists of a combination of guidance, schooling and behavioral exercises.


You will need to go through various types of exercises such as Kegel exercises, that helps you to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. The other type of treatment for Vaginismus includes vaginal dilation by which a girl must insert dilators into her vagina. The dilation technique helps a girl to relieve the pain and prepares her to have pain-free sex.


How much effort does it require to heal?

To tell the truth, this depends from woman to woman as each individual female has her very own perseverance and commitment towards treating the problem. The more dedicated the woman is when it comes to her treatment plan, the earlier she is able to get rid of her issue. There are also other elements which include all-around health of the woman, the actual method of Vaginismus treatment, aid from significant other, physician, which could affect the period in which a female can easily treat Vaginismus.
You should try to read as much as you can in order to have a good knowledge concerning Vaginismus. In case you’re suffering with discomfort while having sex, then it is recommended that you go to your personal doctor or a gynecologist as soon as possible since the discomfort could be occurring due to Vaginismus.


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