Vaginismus: Types, Causes and Treatment



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A common reason that many women avoid sexual intimacy is because it is painful. If a woman suffering from painful intercourse experiences involuntary tightening of the vagina during foreplay or penetrative sex, she is likely to suffer from Vaginismus.  This tightening is caused by the involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles making intercourse almost impossible. This article will cover the different types of Vaginismus, their causes and treatments.


If you are likewise being affected by Vaginismus then it is necessary for you to know the type of Vaginismus you have developed. It is far better to verify if you have got primary or secondary Vaginismus simply because it can help you in eliminating the problem more efficiently and also at a faster pace. Read on.


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Primary Vaginismus

Primary vaginismus is the name given to the condition for those who have encountered pain and discomfort while having sexual intercourse for the first time or never been able to put in anything at all into your vagina.

Primary vaginismus is often discovered in the teenage years, when the girl tries to use tampons, or goes for an internal examination and finds it to be extremely uncomfortable. This fear of pain then causes an anxiety which will bring with it the conditioned reflex response of closing up whenever the woman then subsequently attempt intercourse. This is the major reason for women being unable to consummate their marriages, or participate in sexual relationships.


The causes for this form of Vaginismus are emotional and also physical. The physical reasons include things like unfortunate past sexual experiences such as rape or sexual mistreatment, strict sexual upbringing, strong family religious overtones, fears of first-time sex, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.
Occurrence: This type is much more frequent in girls within the age group of 15-25 because this is the years when young ladies or women have sexual intercourse for the very first time or attempt placing tampons in their vagina.


Secondary Vaginismus

If you were earlier able to have normal pain-free sexual intercourse but something happens that causes pain with penetration, then it suggests that you may be affected by secondary Vaginismus.

The reasons behind this kind of Vaginismus are mainly physical and includes yeast infections, intense strain to vagina for the duration of child delivery, trauma to the pelvic area, hysterectomy, radiation or menopause and other stuff that cause strain to the vaginal canal or the vaginal opening.
This discomfort or pain that happens during intercourse appears to initiate an avoidance reflex that causes spasm of the vaginal muscles. This is the bodies attempt to say ‘no’ to vaginal penetration to protect itself from pain.
Occurrence of Secondary Vaginismus: This type is more frequent in ladies in the age-group of 25-50.

Treatment solution for Primary and Secondary Vaginismus

The treatment of these two kinds of Vaginismus is practically the same. If you are affected by Secondary Vaginismus, you will go through the same physical and also the psychological treatment methods used to remedy Primary Vaginismus.


These types of cures comprise of counseling about sexual intercourse, behavior therapy, Kegel exercise routines (contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles), sensate focus routines (a series of specific exercises for couples which encourage each partner to take turns paying increased attention to their own senses), vaginal dilation, and Botox injection and so on.


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Other supporting therapies include Hypnotherapy (using exercises to bring about deep relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness, also known as a trance); Acupressure (involves placing physical pressure, by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices, on different pressure points on the surface of the body), as well as others may also be used to treat both of these types of Vaginismus.


The Time Taken to Treat Primary and Secondary Vaginismus

The time-span in which a female is able to eradicate her disorder may vary a little bit. This is for the reason that a woman with the secondary type of Vaginismus may have a slight possibility of recovering quicker and sooner than the person struggling with primary Vaginismus; as the capability of the lady with secondary Vaginismus to have painless intercourse in the past can help her in fixing her condition fast.


Other factors such as the overall well-being of the female, the Vaginismus treatment method, her commitment and dedication towards completing the therapy routine and support from her partner can also play an important role in determining the length of time that the female should be able to cure her disorder.


Hope this will help you to have a better understanding of the 2 kinds of Vaginismus, which affects many women. If left untreated, Vaginismus can have adverse effects on your sexual life and can also end an unconsummated romantic relationship.


To obtain improved treatment for Vaginismus, it is very important for you to understand the specific type of Vaginismus that affects you and take the necessary methods to get rid of the disorder by starting a treatment program. The top treatment plan that you should undergo to beat the disorder of Vaginismus is the one that suits you most so that you can get rid of the problem at your own pace and without adding more stress to you.


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