The Truth about Vaginismis and How You Can Achieve Sexual Intimacy Again




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Women with Vaginismus often think that they are “too small” and that their vagina needs to be stretched. Just imagining this is painful!  Such misinformation concerning Vaginismis, if left uncorrected, can lead to a wide range of misguided beliefs about Vaginismis. These misconceptions will result in wrong diagnosis and delay in undergoing therapy.


To get back your sex drive it helps to have a better understanding about Vaginismus so that you will not allow the following inaccurate sayings that prevent you from choosing the best option or treatment for your condition.


1. Vaginismis is totally a psychological issue: This is certainly among the most typical misguided beliefs concerning Vaginismis. Regardless that Vaginismis is more of a psychological problem; it has a physical aspect connected to it. The pain experienced by a girl is real and not just in her head and it certainly causes huge distress for the woman during intercourse.

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2. It is an uncommon condition: Vaginismus is a much more common problem than people realize. The myth exists due to the embarrassment that surrounds the condition and not wanting to tell anyone.  In fact, this is the single major cause of unconsummated marriage/sex. The reality and truth of the matter is that so many others suffer with this “common” condition and for those finding out about it for the first time and reading this, please know that you are not alone and there is a “cure” for this condition.


3. A female with Vaginismis isn’t interested about sex: It is an additional misunderstanding about females with Vaginismis. Nevertheless, this is not the truth. Many women with Vaginismis are sexually responsive and want to have intercourse with their companions. They avoid intimacy simply because they are scared of the pain while having sex due to Vaginismis.

4. She has to seek treatment from a therapist: There exists a general misconception that only an experienced sex therapist can help a female to cure Vaginismis. The truth is this isn’t so. A woman can eliminate Vaginismis better if she self-treats on her own by inserting dilators into her vagina regularly at her own pace because she herself is the only one that is more aware of the seriousness of the issue than any physical or sex therapist.


5. Vaginismus cannot reoccur: There is no scientific research that once cured, Vaginismis cannot reoccur. Therefore, it not true that a woman will not suffer from Vaginismis again if she has been successfully cured of this problem before. However, she will be equipped with all of the knowledge and techniques, which can help her to get rid of Vaginismis if it reoccurs.


6. Hormonal deficiency will cause Vaginismis: Here also, there is no study to prove that Vaginismis is caused by a hormone deficiency. Hence, this is likewise one of the many myths that females have about Vaginismis. Nevertheless, in some instances, in more mature females hormonal changes do bring about menopause which cause their vagina to get a little bit drier. This can contribute to pain while having intercourse.


7. It heals following child delivery: Even though child delivery assists you to loosen the vaginal muscles, it is highly improbable that Vaginismis heals following child delivery. Therefore, don’t be too complacent into believing that you may be able to cure Vaginismis after you have given birth to a child. It is important to remember that childbirth does not address nor cure the fear and apprehension associated with vaginal penetration nor does childbirth reduce the spasm related to vaginismus. This must be addressed separately.


8. Single women cannot cure Vaginismis: This is actually the most commonly seen myth that people have got with regards to Vaginismis. Nevertheless, the reality is, women that are single can likewise eliminate Vaginismis if they show some determination and commitment and work consistently towards implementing the treatment process.


9. Vaginismus is due to a woman being ‘too small’ or she has a thick hymen or her partner is just ‘too big’.  Many women mistakenly believe or are actually told that vaginismus is caused by her being ‘too small’ or this is because she has a thick hymen or her partner is well-endowed. When in reality, it is caused by the subconscious tightening of the vaginal muscles irrespective of his or her size or anything to do with the presence or absence of the hymen.


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These are some of the common myths, which women have with regards to Vaginismis. If you are also suffering from Vaginismis, it is necessary for you not to live under these myths regarding Vaginismis. It is only when you have a better understanding of your issues that you can treat Vaginismis easily and quickly.


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