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It started a couple months ago but has been getting increasingly worse and now it is so painful that sex has become a problem for you.  You have ruled out a few things… Lubrication is not a problem at all; You have NO STDs; You definitely WANT to have sex so arousal is not the problem, and it happens every time! It sucks!


You love having sex and your boyfriend feels horrible that he is hurting you. He said it feels way tighter than normal but you don’t think the problem is just with the muscles. It is a much localized pain at the bottom part of the vaginal opening. It is inside your vagina that hurts. Also, it’s a sharp pain like it feels like his penis is WAY too big or something. Does this happen to you? If it is, then it means that you are suffering from Dyspareunia, the medical term for painful intercourse.

There can be many reasons behind pain during intercourse. Conditions such as Vaginismus, Yeast infections, Pelvic Inflammatory Disorders (PID) can all lead to painful intercourse. Out of these, Vaginismus is the most difficult to identify as it is the one that has the most complexities and needs a better understanding to eliminate the pain during intercourse. Here, you will come to know about the various aspects of Vaginismus and how you can treat it.

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Vaginismus is involuntary


Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of the muscles at the opening of the vagina. These muscles are known as the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. This involuntary contraction of muscles ‘closes off’ the vaginal opening and makes sex painful when your partner tries to enter the vagina.


If you suffer from Vaginismus, you will notice it most when you first try to insert something into your vagina. The opening involuntarily contracts and pain is immediately felt. In extreme cases, the contraction is so tight that nothing can penetrate it.
In some cases, Vaginismus is present the first time a woman has — or tries to have — sex. The pain also may occur during a pelvic exam. Vaginismus also can be a response to a fear of some kind, such as being afraid of getting pregnant.


It is physical as well as a psychological condition


Vaginismus is, in fact, more of a psychological condition. It is a painful reflex that is created in association with a primary cause. For most women who are suffering from Vaginismus the primary cause is the fear or anxiety of having sex. This, in turn, leads to pain when having intercourse and hence women refrain from engaging in any form of sexual intimacy.


The major reason behind this is she keeps hearing negative things about sex. There are many women who hear things such as ‘sex is painful for girls’, ‘a woman bleeds in her first intercourse’, during their childhood. This leads her to have a negative attitude towards sex and cause her to ‘seize up’ under there during any attempted penetration, giving rise to a condition that is commonly known as Vaginismus.


It leads to confusion


The involuntary contraction of muscles is confusing to many women because they just do not understand the exact reason behind their painful intercourse. Moreover, the symptoms of Vaginismus are quite similar to those that can be found in other conditions such as Yeast infections, Vulvodynia and others. This similarity of Vaginismus with other sexual disorders makes it a complex disorder and it becomes difficult even for the physicians to give a correct diagnosis.


Vaginismus is treatable


There is often a mistaken belief among women that Vaginismus is an incurable condition. However, this is totally false. The truth is, Vaginismus is a treatable sexual disorder. There are, in fact, many women who have been successful in getting rid of their condition completely and can enjoy pain-free intercourse again.

Thus, for women who are suffering from pain during intercourse, it is advisable that they undergo the various treatment programs for curing Vaginismus. This is mainly because; if left untreated, Vaginismus can worsen and can spoil the sexual life of a woman.


The easiest way to treat Vaginismus is vaginal dilator therapy, in which, the woman inserts dilators of various sizes into her vagina until she is able to insert them completely without feeling any pain. There are also other methods of treatment such as Kegel exercises, Acupressure, Hypnosis, Massage and Biofeedback.


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These are some of the aspects of Vaginismus that you should take note. If you want to totally get rid of Vaginismus, then it is of utmost important for you to first understand the condition thoroughly and then seek medical advice from a doctor or a gynecologist before you undergo a Vaginismus treatment program that will treat the condition.


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