Why Do I Have Pain during Intercourse?




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Most women who experience pain during or after intercourse usually have no idea of why is sex painful to them. When a woman feels discomfort or pain during or after sex, this can be due to various reasons such as vaginal infections, vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia and so forth. Out of all of these, the most serious and complex cause of painful intercourse is Vaginismus. In the following paragraphs, we will uncover this complicated cause of painful intercourse.

What is Vaginismus exactly?

Vaginismus is a sexual disorder wherein there is an uncontrolled, involuntary contraction of the muscles surrounding the vagina, which closes the entrance of the vagina. It typically happens right before sexual intercourse. This closing-off causes any form of vaginal penetration to be painful and almost impossible. The pain experienced by the woman may be so extreme that she is unable to even insert a tampon into her vagina. For this reason, Vaginismus is considered to be the top cause of painful intercourse.


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What are the types of Vaginismus?

Vaginismus can be classified into two types, primary and secondary. The first type mainly happens in females who face great pain during their first attempt at intercourse as opposed to the latter which happens in girls who used to have normal pain-free sex and later start having painful sex due to physical causes such as a yeast infection or trauma during childbirth, or it may be due to psychological causes.

Why Vaginismus occurs?

What causes Vaginismus to happen is a combination of physical and psychological factors. These include past unfortunate sexual experiences, negative mind-set towards sexual intercourse, and fear of commitment or getting pregnant, certain medical conditions, strain to the vagina during delivery, menopause and hormonal changes, pelvic trauma as well as others.


What are the symptoms of Vaginismus?

A female suffering from Vaginismus usually has serious pain during intercourse and gets this burning sensation around the vaginal region. A girl with Vaginismus could also try to avoid engaging into any type of sexual activity simply because of the concern with feeling pain. However, this does not mean she cannot become sexually aroused. Many women with this condition can have orgasms when the clitoris is stimulated.

How to detect Vaginismus?

As a result of the complexities involved, detecting Vaginismus is a bit complicated. A girl struggling with Vaginismus needs to have an excellent knowledge of her symptoms and should not hesitate in discussing her own problems to a physician or a gynecologist to get a proper diagnosis of the disorder.


A successful medical diagnosis of Vaginismus is typically determined through patient history and description of the problem, gynecological examination and the process of ruling out the possibility of other conditions.

How to get rid of Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a treatable disorder. There are many Vaginismus treatment programs that a woman can choose from to treat Vaginismus. Most of these programs will include vaginal dilating, and sensate focus exercises.


Vaginismus treatment additionally usually involves doing Kegel exercises for the purpose of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Education or counseling is usually used in combination with these treatments for the purpose of identifying the root causes of the fear and nervousness connected with having intercourse with the aim to eliminate them from the sufferer’s mind.


Where to go for Vaginismus treatment?

Vaginismus is typically a concealed cause of painful intercourse. Due to misinformation about Vaginismus, not many medical professionals know about it. In such an instance, the treatment for Vaginismus can best be obtained from a medical specialist similar to a gynecologist or perhaps a sex specialist. There are also a handful of ebooks that offer a detailed treatment plan that you can follow from home.

What is the duration of Vaginismus treatment?

The time needed for a girl to get rid off Vaginismus depends upon various factors. The overall well-being of the female, the Vaginismus treatment program, her commitment and motivation towards treating the disorder as well as guidance and support from her partner, are the factors that determine the duration of the treatment. The more committed she is to the treatment, the quicker she will be capable of getting rid off it and regain her normal pain-free sex life.


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I hope by now you can have a much better understanding of Vaginismus. If left untreated, Vaginismus can have serious effects on your sexual life and can additionally result in an unconsummated romantic relationship. Therefore, for anyone who is experiencing pain while having intercourse, it is best that you go for a medical checkup to ascertain whether you are suffering from Vaginismus and take the required Vaginismus treatment that you feel is the most suitable for you.


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