How Vaginismis affects women in different ways



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Vaginismus is the result of involuntary tightening of the vaginal walls, making penetration during intercourse difficult or even impossible. Vaginismus can be triggered in both younger and older women, in those with no sexual experience and those with years of experience. Not all women experience Vaginismus the same way. The extensiveness of Vaginismus varies from one person to another depending on the causes, forms and the overall well-being of the woman.


Nonetheless, regardless of how extreme the symptoms are, this sexual problem is easily curable if the girl uses an appropriate Vaginismus treatment plan. She needs to be aware of the signs and symptoms of Vaginismis which can vary from woman to woman. For example, one particular girl is unable to insert anything into the vagina whereas another female can insert a tampon and is able to have a gynaecological exam, but sex is not possible.


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The symptoms of Vaginismis can also vary in the degree of severity from minor discomfort or burning with tightness of the vagina to a complete closure of the vaginal opening. This entire closing of the vaginal entrance makes penetration painful or almost impossible. Some of the different degrees of Vaginismis signs and conditions are as followed:

(a) Some girls may experience a burning sensation during sexual intercourse but it might diminish within a short time, whereas for others this burning sensation can persist.

(b) In some females, the vaginal opening is tightly closed making almost any vaginal penetration very painful and in some cases actually impossible.


(c) Some females may encounter spasms in other muscles during attempted penetration, including lower back and leg muscles.

(d) Some females do not feel like having sex and avoid any sexual activity as a result of anxiety about experiencing pain and discomfort.

(e) Some women are able to insert a tampon in their vagina while others may find it tough to even put their own fingers into the vagina.

(f) Some girls can also get this burning as well as stinging sensation whereas some just only experience tightness.

(g) Some girls are able to have partial insertion of the penis though the process is very painful.

(h) Many females suffering from Vaginismis cannot even insert any single thing into the vagina and find having sex almost impossible.

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Hope by now you will have a better understanding of the various degrees of symptoms of Vaginismis. The symptoms of Vaginismus are involuntary and the sufferer cannot do anything to stop them. The body has learned to associate penetration with pain. Whenever penetration is expected, the vaginal muscles tighten as a protective reaction. This is mainly due to a variety of causes, often in response to a combination of physical or emotional factors. This can be very frustrating and distressing for both women and their partners.


Despite the fact that Vaginismus is involuntary and can manifest itself in varying symptoms and degree of intensity in different women, fortunately this condition is treatable. You can easily get affordable or cost-effective Vaginismis treatment to eliminate Vaginismis totally.


You may ask how long does the treatment program for Vaginismus last? The duration of the treatment program varies, depending upon the approach and technique used to treat Vaginismus. How the woman complies and follows the treatment also affects its duration. But, more often than not, most women can see improvements in their condition in a matter of two weeks and have successfully overcome Vaginismus after six weeks.


Some of the most effective Vaginismis treatment methods consist of vaginal dilating, Kegel exercises, Botox therapy, Hypnotherapy and many more. Vaginismus is not something you should have to live with. Remember that Vaginismus needs attention and will not go away on its own without proper treatment. Therefore, if you are suffering from Vaginismis, you should quickly undertake a Vaginismus treatment system, that is the most appropriate for you.


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