What are the types of Vaginismus Treatment for Curing Painful Intercourse?



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Vaginismus, sometimes being mistaken as Vaginism, is a sexual disorder in, which a woman suffers from painful intercourse. The pain she experiences can be so severe that she is not even able to touch her own vagina.


Fortunately, Vaginismus is one of the sexual function conditions in women that are highly treatable and there are several Vaginismus treatment options, which you can follow to get rid of your condition. Moreover, the rate of success from these Vaginismus treatments is actually very high.  As long as a woman is willing to commit herself towards treating her own condition and follow closely to the therapy plan, then she will be able to eliminate Vaginismus completely and get to enjoy pain-free sex again.


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Here are the various Vaginismus treatment alternatives


(a) Kegel exercises: All these exercises involve squeezing the same muscles you use to stop the flow of urine when urinating. The exercises can be done at home. When practiced regularly they typically take effect over a period of weeks to months in helping a woman to get over the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles that result in closing off of the vaginal entrance. After a woman is able to achieve the capability to control the muscle spasm, she will then be able to resume pain-free sexual intercourse.


(b)  Dilating: This is the best performing Vaginismus treatment method that can be used to cure Vaginismus. Dilators are plastic objects offered in various lengths and widths. They are being used to desensitize the pelvic floor muscles. The aim is to reduce the reflexes that may trigger the muscles to tighten and cause painful sensations. All a woman needs to do is to insert these dilators into her vagina starting from the smallest size dilator and then progress to the largest size to allow her to get used to penetration without feeling any pain. A woman can also use her own fingers to be improvised as dilators if she is not comfortable with using the synthetic dilators.


(c) Botox treatment: This method is only used if all the conventional treatment plans are not able to cure Vaginismus. The doctor will inject Botox under anesthesia into those areas where maximum spasms of the vaginal muscles occur. The shot of Botox really helps to reduce the muscle spasm that tightens the vagina and triggers uncomfortable and painful intercourse. This will facilitate the usage of dilator of any length and width without enduring pain and prepares her for the actual activity of having pain-free sex again.


(d) Hypnosis: This method is used to deal with the sufferer’s performance anxiety relating to sex. By using hypnosis, the anxiety is taken away out of the mind of the female. As soon as this fearfulness is eliminated, the woman will become more self-assured about her condition and gradually develop a more positive attitude towards having sex and sexual intercourse. This subsequently allows her to have painless sexual intercourse.


These are some of the Vaginismus treatments that women can use to overcome painful sex. The success rate of curing Vaginismus is highest when a woman chooses a remedy plan that suits her and she can undertake the treatment at her own pace.


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Also, it is necessary to understand that the time taken to cure this sexual disorder can vary from one person to another. This is very dependent on how motivated a woman is towards getting rid of her issue, her overall health condition, the kind of treatment plan as well as how supportive her husband or partner is in helping her to get over Vaginismus.


So if you are experiencing pain while having intercourse, you need to go to a doctor or a gynecologist to ascertain whether you are suffering from Vaginismus. This is of utmost importance because if Vaginismus is left untreated it will only get worse over time and hurt your entire sex life.


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