What are the Signs and Symptoms of Vaginismus and How to Overcome It



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A woman who suffers from painful intercourse during or after sex tends to ignore this sexual disorder till the pain gets unbearable. The main reason is the belief that this is a temporary situation or she is quite embarrassed or feels awkward about her condition. But what she does not realize is just pretending that this sexual problem does not exist will not mean it will go away. Instead, her vaginal pain can only get worse and eventually ruin her entire love life.

If sex hurts for you, it is best that you go to see a doctor or gynecologist as soon as possible to get an appropriate diagnosis. This is to find out if there are any underlying health conditions that are causing you to experience pain during intercourse. Some of the possible ailments may be Vaginismus, ovarian cysts, or Endometriosis.


Out of these kinds of ailments, the most common cause of painful sex is Vaginismus. The major problem about Vaginismus is this condition is hidden and not commonly discussed. Due to this reason, most women are not aware of this sexual disorder until they get the pain which is later diagnosed as Vaginismus. Right here, I will share with you the signs and symptoms of Vaginismus to let you have a better understanding of whether you are afflicted by Vaginismus.


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(a)     You feel painful during or after intercourse: If you experience any burning pain or discomfort during or after sex, it is possible that you have developed Vaginismus.


(b)   You can’t even put your own fingers into your vagina. This commonly occurs in women who are suffering from Vaginismus. This is because the actual insertion of fingers can trigger incredible pain and discomfort.


(c)    You can’t even insert a tampon into the vagina. Many girls who are suffering from Vaginismus don’t wear tampons because it is too hard to get them in.


(d)   Your partner is facing great difficulty in trying to enter you because you seem to ‘tighten’ up down there even when you really want to have sex. When this happens to you, there is a possibility that you are experiencing Vaginismus.


(e)    You can’t even touch the vaginal entrance because for no apparent reason and out of your control, this triggers tremendous pain to you. If this occurs on you, this can mean you are suffering from Vaginismus.


(f)    You have no desire for sex because it is painful for you. A woman suffering from Vaginismus normally avoids having sex out of fear that it may bring pain to her.


(g)   There is burning along with stinging pain within the vagina. Women with Vaginismus often get burning as well as stinging sensations in and around the vaginal region. If you are showing any of these signs, you may already have Vaginismus.


If you have every one of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you are most likely to suffer from Vaginismus. Having said so, it is always a good idea to seek medical assistance to get a correct diagnosis before jumping into conclusion about your condition.

Doctors will usually employ both of the below-mentioned methods to ascertain if you are experiencing Vaginismus.

(a) Medical analysis: In this, the doctor or gynecologist will try to have a greater understanding of your sexual background and the symptoms of your condition.

(b) Pelvic exam: It is one of the techniques that are commonly employed to diagnose Vaginismus. Here, the physician or gynecologist will ask you about the specific location as well as severity of the pain. This procedure is needed to eliminate other possible disorders so as to arrive at a correct diagnosis of whether you are suffering from Vaginismus.


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Once it is confirmed that you are suffering from Vaginismus, the next most important thing is to take a look at the various treatment programs that you can use to eliminate the painful intercourse once and for all. Nevertheless, to achieve this goal of enjoying pain-free sex, you need have a lot of determination and perseverance when you embark on your Vaginismus treatment program.


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