Why Does Sex Hurt Me So Much Every Time?



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Does it hurt your vagina too much when you have sex every time? Do you get this aching feeling down there that last the whole time? Do you ever wonder why it doesn’t get any looser down there from the first time and it continues to hurt? You have used lubrication and you are aroused but you just don’t know why does sex hurt a lot. Have you visited a physician and asked him/her why does intercourse hurt?


Well, this is the situation many couples encounter.  For anyone who is struggling with this condition it is best that you go to see a doctor or a gynecologist as soon as possible to get an accurate diagnosis. This is not normal. Sex should not hurt. It doesn’t even need to hurt the first time; it should definitely not hurt for you now. It means that something is going wrong. It’s a very sad myth that sex in the beginning will and even should hurt for women.


The most common cause of pain during intercourse is a condition called Vaginismus, which means that sex is made painful or in some cases impossible by involuntary contractions of the muscles in your vagina, making it tight and uncomfortable.  Complicating matters is Vaginismus tends to be misdiagnosed because it shares some similar symptoms with other conditions such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, yeast infections, Vulvodynia, or Bacterial Vaginosis.


Vaginismus is a common sexual condition that stays extremely hidden due to the wrong belief that sex can hurt and most women are just too embarrassed to bring up this issue even when they see a doctor.  The fact is this condition is fairly common, especially in teenage girls and women in their twenties and thirties. It is likely that many women will experience it at some point, even if they have had a history of enjoyable and painless sex. Studies have shown that one out of every 10 females suffer from Vaginismus however this number has been said to be a lot more as numerous females do not choose to speak about their own sexual difficulties.

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You may ask what are the signs and symptoms of Vaginismus? Generally, a woman who is suffering from Vaginismus usually has great difficulty in having penetrative sex because the muscles in the vagina have tightened. She can get this burning or stinging pain and tightness of the vagina if penetrated by a tampon, finger or penis. This fear of pain or intense fear of penetration can lead to loss of sexual desire and eventually to avoidance of sex.


The symptoms of Vaginismus can vary in severity from one woman to another. Some women are unable to insert anything into their vagina while others can insert a tampon and complete a gynecological exam, but intercourse is not possible. Some women can try to have intercourse, but it is very painful, whereas other women are able to have intercourse, but tighteness and pain prevent orgasm.


By now you should have a better understanding of Vaginismus as well as its signs and symptoms; we will now talk about the causes contributing to Vaginismus. There are both physical and psychological reasons why the vaginal muscles contract against a woman’s will.


Stress to the vagina during child birth, previous surgery to the genital area, past sexual activities such as rape or sexual abuse are a couple of the physical causes that lead to Vaginismus. The psychological reasons behind Vaginismus are negative attitude towards intercourse due to strict upbringing, lack of understanding about sex, fearfulness or nervousness while having sex, anxiety about pregnancy, relationship problems and others.

If you are suffering from Vaginismus there is no reason to feel that it is the end of your love life. This is mainly because; Vaginismus is very treatable. If the cause is psychological, you will be given counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy or even hypnosis to help you to overcome the underlying or hidden factors that cause you to develop anxiety or fear of sex.


The typical treatment for Vaginismus usually includes relaxation techniques and using vaginal dilators or trainers to help you to gradually overcome the psychological causes of your condition. Vaginal dilators are four smooth, penis-shaped cones of gradually increasing size and length, which are meant to train the vagina to eventually get used to penetration without automatically contracting the pelvic floor muscles.


When using dilators, the smallest one is inserted first, using a lubricant if needed. Once you feel comfortable inserting the smallest one, you can move on to the second size, and so on. It is important to go at your own pace and it does not matter how long it takes, whether it is days or months. When you can tolerate the larger cones without feeling anxious or any pain, you and your partner may want to try having sexual intercourse.


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Hope that at this juncture, you will have a clear answer as to why does sex hurt. If you are seriously having great pain during intercourse, it is advisable that you simply check with a doctor or a gynecologist and choose a Vaginismus treatment plan that is both suitable (for you) and effective in getting rid of this condition as quickly as possible.


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