What Can Be The Causes Of Muscle Spasms In The Vagina?



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About one out of ten women have problems with muscle spasms in the vagina, or what is usually called Vaginismus. These vaginal spasms occur without the woman’s awareness or control. A woman suffering from Vaginismus is not able to have pain-free intercourse because the muscle spasms lead to a complete closure of vaginal opening. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss about the different causes of Vaginismus.


Fear, anxiety and commitment concerns can cause vaginal spasms: Anxiety with regards to intercourse can bring about Vaginismus coupled with vaginal spasms. This particular fear is as a result of many factors. Some women may get this anxiety because when they are young they have always been told things like ‘it hurts while having sexual intercourse’, ‘intercourse causes bleeding’ and so on.

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Traumatic sexual experiences: Certain past unfortunate experiences such as sexual assault or sexual abuse could also bring about vaginal spasms or Vaginismus. These unhappy pasts breed anxiety with regards to having sex in a girl’s mind, leading her to refrain from having any sort of intercourse.


Past painful pelvic exams: This is also one of the common reasons for girls experiencing vaginal spasms. Some women who had gone through a painful pelvic check-up may develop stress and anxiety and this thought of having someone to touch their vagina can make them shiver with fear. They can even get frightened at the sight of a needle or any other pointed object. This anxiety eventually leads to unconscious vaginal spasms and Vaginismus.


Negative and often mistaken ideas about sexual intercourse:  If a woman who has a strict upbringing is constantly being told that sex is dirty and there should be no sexual pleasure, this can create negative attitudes towards intercourse during childhood which can result in her getting vaginal spasms or Vaginismus when she have sex.


Fear of commitment or getting pregnant: Some girls avoid having sex because they are worried that they could get pregnant. When a girl has this thinking in her mind, she will have vaginal spasms and Vaginismus during intercourse.


Strain to the vagina when giving birth: This is also another common reason for vaginal spasms or Vaginismus. When a woman gives birth, there is a lot of strain exerted on the vagina. This can cause a woman to get muscles spasms in the vagina as she tries to have intercourse after giving birth.


Above are some of the main reasons that lead to muscle spasms in the vagina. Besides these, a number of other reasons such as venereal diseases (disorders related to external sex organs), urinary tract infections, endometriosis, hormonal changes and cancer also can produce vaginal spasms.

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So you can see here that the causes for vaginal spasms within Vaginismus are both physical and also psychological. Taking this into consideration, there are also physical and also psychological treatment options available to help a woman to completely get rid of vaginal spasms and also Vaginismus.


Some of these treatment plans incorporate physical treatments such as vaginal dilating and Kegel exercises. The choices for psychological treatments in helping a woman to get rid of vaginal spasms will be behavioral therapy, counseling and so on. Besides these, there are also numerous complementary treatments available to help you to treat vaginal spasms and Vaginismus such as massage, biofeedback and natural therapy.


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