What is Vaginismus? What are the treatments for Vaginismus?



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Sex is supposed to be fun and pleasuring. But sometimes this is not always the case, because certain difficulties or conditions can often spoil the mood and make sexual intercourse problematic. This often occurs in women because they tend to keep quiet about their own problems. They are too embarrassed to talk about them and therefore suffer more. One of the most common sexual problems women face is Vaginismus, often been misspelled as Vaginism. In the following paragraphs, I am going to discuss some of the facts about Vaginismus, or Vaginism and the treatments for Vaginismus.


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Some facts about Vaginismus


1. Vaginismus is a sexual disorder in which a woman finds it difficult to insert anything into her vagina.


2. The condition is caused by the involuntary contraction of the muscles within the vagina, which tense up during an attempt to have sexual intercourse.


3. The tense up of the vaginal muscles causes a total ‘shut-down’ of the vagina, which makes it almost impossible to have penetrative sex.


4. If there is any penetration at all, it will cause great pain to the woman.


5. In many countries, Vaginismus is quite a common problem.


6. Some surveys show that the occurrence of Vaginismus can range from about 2% of the female population in Sweden to as high as 20% in Australia and Britain.


7. One most noticeable fact about Vaginismus is many women are not seeking treatment for Vaginismus due to shame as well as humiliation and end up suffering in silence with this disorder forever.


Some of the treatments for Vaginismus


There are many vaginismus treatment solutions that can help a woman to totally get rid of Vaginismus. Nevertheless, because the symptoms of Vaginismus can vary from woman to woman, and their causes in addition vary, there is no one-size-fits-all kind of Vaginismus treatment. Therefore, the treatment for Vaginismus has to be the one that particularly suits the woman concerned. So, let us now take a look at some of the treatment options that can be used to treat Vaginismus.


1. One of the most effective Vaginismus treatments that can get rid of Vaginismus is by using vaginal dilators. A woman will start with a small size dilator and slowly progress to using a bigger size dilator. This will go until she is able to insert the biggest size dilator without feeling any kind of pain. The aim is to help her to relax her vaginal muscles to get used to penetration.

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2. Another method to treat Vaginismus is by way of Botox injection. However, this method is not commonly used but it can achieve the desired results and help a woman to get rid of her disorder. This method is used when the normal standard treatment for Vaginismus is not working for the particular woman.


3. Another approach in treating Vaginismus is way of psychological counseling. This method of Vaginismus treatment addresses the psychological reasons for Vaginismus. The aim is to eliminate certain misguided beliefs the woman can have about sexual intercourse such as intercourse is a shameful or painful act and so forth. This type of vaginismus treatment is more effective particularly if the woman has a history of unfortunate experiences including sexual abuse or even rape.


The above are some of the ways a woman can use to eliminate Vaginismus. Still, you need to understand that Vaginismus is not a disorder that can just ‘fade away’ in the course of time. The fact is if a woman delays in seeking treatment of Vaginismus, her pain can only get worse and eventually affecting her overall life and relationship with the opposite sex. In order to totally get rid of Vaginismus, she has to have the determination, perseverance, discipline to go through the Vaginismus treatment method.


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