Painful Intercourse: The questions women usually ask about Vaginismus



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Women who are suffering from painful intercourse often wonder what triggers the pain and discomfort. Many women usually are not aware that this can be due to a sexual disorder called Vaginismus. Vaginismus, generally misspelled as Vagismus, is kind of sexual dysfunction wherein a woman experiences discomfort and pain when having sex.


Many women who are suffering from this sexual disorder often do not want to talk about their problem because they feel this is too personal to be discussed with a medical doctor. As a result of this, many women are suffering in silence for years without undergoing any sort of Vaginismus treatment. The fact is if left untreated, Vaginismus may possibly spoil her entire sex life. Therefore, it is of utmost important that you be aware of Vaginismus. The following are some of the commonly asked questions about Vaginismus.

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What will happen if I am suffering from Vaginismus?


A woman who is suffering from Vaginismus is usually unable to put anything into her vagina, not even a tampon or her own fingers. This is due to an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles that ‘closes off’ the vaginal opening, resulting in painful intercourse.


Will Vaginismus go away by itself?


This is a popular misconception that many women have about Vaginismus. The fact is Vaginismus does not just ‘fade away’ and therefore it needs to be treated as soon as possible if you want to have a normal sex life, just as other women do. You should not get this impression that the painful sensation due to Vaginismus will go away on its own.


What are the signs and symptoms of Vaginismus?


The pain that a woman experienced after she has Vaginismus can be so extreme that she totally loses the desire for having sex as a result of concern with the pain and discomfort. The symptoms of Vaginismus tend to be confusingly similar to those seen in many other sexual disorders such as Vulvodynia, yeast infection and others. A woman suffering from Vaginismus usually experiences pain and discomfort in and around the entrance of the vagina. This is often accompanied by some burning and stinging sensation.


How do I know whether I am suffering from Vaginismus?


Due to the similarity of the signs and symptoms of Vaginismus with other disorders, it is usually not easy to know immediately whether your condition is due to Vaginismus. Still, you can get a correct diagnosis of your condition using a combination of a medical prognosis and a pelvic or gynecological examination. The pelvic or gynecological examination can both help you and your doctor to rule out the possibility of other disorders so as to ensure that Vaginismus is not wrongly diagnosed.


What are the causes of Vaginismus?


Vaginismus can be due to both physiological and psychological causes. The physical causes for Vaginismus are strain to the vagina during child birth, as well as stress caused by sexual abuse or rape and so on. The psychological causes for Vaginismus are mainly due to anxiety and stress in a woman’s mind concerning sexual intercourse or the belief that sexual intercourse is always hurting or evil. This fearfulness concerning sexual intercourse triggers muscle spasms in her vagina or Vaginismus.


What are some of the treatments for Vaginismus?


Much like its causes, the treatment options for Vaginismus are usually a combination of physical and psychological approach. The physical approach for treating Vaginismus will most likely include vaginal dilation. Under this method, a woman will insert dilators of various sizes into her vagina, starting from a small size and then as she gets used to this small size, she will switch to a bigger size.  This will go on until she is able to insert the dilator of the biggest size without encountering pain.


The psychological treatment of Vaginismus will usually incorporate therapy whereby the negative thoughts about sex in the mind of the woman are usually eradicated and she is educated to think that sex is an entirely healthy activity, which is pleasuring and not supposed to be painful.


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These are some of the answers to your queries about Vaginismus. I hope by now you are able to have a better understanding about Vaginismus, the causes, symptoms and treatments.


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