The Use of Botox Injections for treating Vaginismus



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Botox is normally used as an anti-aging treatment for eliminating lines and wrinkles because it can help to ease the face muscles. But what many people do not realize is Botox can also be used for treating Vaginismus. Usually a doctor will advise a woman to undergo Botox treatment if the conventional Vaginismus treatment is not working for her. For some women who are suffering from Vaginismus, the pain can be so severe that it is not possible to insert a dilator into the vagina. Therefore the only feasible way in helping them to get rid of Vaginismus is by way of Botox treatment.


Using Botox treatment as a Vaginismus Treatment


The procedure for using Botox to treat Vaginismus lasts within twenty minutes. The Vaginismus sufferer will be placed under sedation with the aid of anesthesia. This is the best approach if the sufferer is not even able to bear the discomfort caused when touching her vagina during a gynecological check-up.  With her in an unconscious state, the physician will relieve the vaginal spasms by massaging the vaginal wall. Next, the physician will inject Botox onto those areas that have muscle spasms. After the massage, the vaginal muscles will be relaxed enough to allow the biggest dilator to be inserted into the vagina while the sufferer is still under sedation. This dilator will remain in the vagina even after the sufferer has wakened up.

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After this procedure, there will be a period of recuperation and rest during which the woman will learn how to use the dilator to relax the vaginal wall. When she has gotten used to the ways of using the dilators, she will be sent home with a set of dilators. The doctor will teach her about the proper ways of using the dilators. The woman will be asked to start with the smallest size and to progress to a larger one after she has gotten used to the smallest. This will progress to the largest size until she is able to insert this biggest one inside her without having any pain.


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In what way can Botox treatment help you to treat Vaginismus?


Botox treatment works by relaxing the muscle spasms which tighten up the vagina making sexual intercourse painful and uncomfortable. The anesthesia is used to facilitate the insertion of the dilator into the vagina without causing the woman any pain and discomfort. Most of the time, the sufferer is not even aware that the dilator is already inside her after it is being inserted into the vagina for the first time.


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What is the success rate for using Botox to treat Vaginismus?


Research has shown that the success rate of Botox treatment for Vaginismus is as high as 75%. Most women who have undergone Botox treatment are able to achieve the desirable results within 2-6 weeks. The main reason for using Botox to treat Vaginismus is to allow the woman to be able to have normal pain-free sex again, just like any other woman do.


The process of treating Vaginismus is actually a learning process for the woman and her partner. This is because the success rate of curing Vaginismus will be higher with the moral support and encouragement from her partner. Therefore, if you want to get rid of Vaginismus effectively and quickly, it is best that you do not keep the suffering to yourself and instead be open about your condition to the doctor as well as your partner.


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