Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes and Ways of Preventing BV



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What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)? What causes bacterial vaginosis? What are the signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis? In the following paragraphs, I will provide the answers to these questions.


What is bacterial vaginosis?


Bacterial vaginosis or BV can also be referred as bacterial vaginitis is a disease of the vagina caused by overgrowth of “bad” bacteria (such as the Gardnerella bacteria.) There exists both the “good” and the “bad” bacteria in the vagina. The good ones will keep the bad ones in check. However, due to certain conditions, this balance is been upset, with too much of the bad ones and not enough of the good ones. When this happens to a woman, she will get bacterial vaginosis.


Bacterial vaginosis is quite a common ailment affecting up to 64% of women. Many women can have bacterial vaginosis with little or no symptoms present, and be completely unaware that they even have the infection.


What are the signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?


Bacterial vaginosis is often confused with yeast infection. The big difference between yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis is that yeast infection should not produce any smelly vaginal discharge.


When the discharge smells, it is a sign of infection and most likely a woman with such condition is suffering from bacterial vaginosis. The most recognizable symptom of bacterial vaginosis is that the discharge smells fishy, which may get worse after sex.


What causes bacterial vaginosis?


Many physicians and experts believe there are no direct causes for Bacterial Vaginosis, but there are several problems associated with it.  Most likely, the symptoms come from changes in lifestyle that affect bacterial balance in your body.


Some common lifestyle associations include having sex at a younger age, having more than one sexual partner or having several sexual partners.  These are known to cause extra bacteria to move into the vagina, causing problems and imbalances with the healthy bacteria being overburdened with bad bacteria.


Other main causes for Bacterial Vaginosis are related to douching.  Women will do this to get extra bacteria out of the body and to stay clean.  However, this way of helping you to stay clean works in reverse, as it often clears out healthy bacteria from your system, which changes the vaginal pH level.  This makes it easier for bad bacteria to stay in your system and stops healthy bacteria from being able to create the immunity needed.


How to lower the risk of getting bacterial vaginosis?


By staying cautious of your lifestyle practices, you can easily work towards preventing Bacterial Vaginosis from occurring.  You need to be aware of the higher risk of contracting sexual diseases if you have numerous of sexual partners. Having only a partner is a simple way to prevent BV.


You can also make sure which you don’t use a douche, as the bacteria can cleanse themselves out and keeps balanced naturally.  Douching in moderation and understanding the negative effects of douching is a simple way to prevent BV from occurring.


Watching these particular steps is a simple beginning to preventing BV from occurring.  If you want to take extra steps for preventing Bacterial Vaginosis from occurring, then follow simple steps of prevention always helps.


For instance, wearing clean underwear which is cotton based and not tight allows healthy bacteria to have breathing room so it can continue to provide immunities.  This not only allows the clean bacteria to continue to thrive, but also aerates the bacteria so it can reproduce and remain balanced.


Other small step you can take is staying clean so that you can stop outside bacteria from entering into your body.  This helps healthy bacteria when they are trying to combat against outside bacteria.


Recognizing the causes of Bacterial Vaginosis is the first step to alter the problem through simple lifestyle changes.  Doing this helps in preventing Bacterial Vaginosis from creating an imbalance in your body and allows you to take the correct steps to help your body to naturally produce the right levels of healthy bacteria.  Identifying what changes you can personally make is a first step forward to recovery and a re-balance from the conditions of Bacterial Vaginosis.


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