How to Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis without Going to the Doctor





The first step to get rid of bacterial vaginosis (BV) is to identify the symptoms to ascertain if you have BV.  If you have these symptoms such as your discharge becoming thin and watery, the color turns white or grey, there is strong, unpleasant smell particularly after intercourse, it is highly possible that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis.


The next step is to go about treating bacterial vaginosis. For any treatment to be successfully in getting rid of BV permanently, it has to include measures to promote the growth of good bacteria in the body system. This is because bacterial vaginosis is simply a result of an imbalance of the types of bacterial in the vagina, where the bad bacteria overwhelm the good bacteria.


In order to completely get rid of bacterial vaginosis, you need to know and understand the various treatment methods. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, you also need to learn how to prevent against getting bacterial vaginosis. This is because in around 20–25% of women who have been successfully treated, BV may return within one month. Over time, BV may reoccur in up to 80% of women.


Awareness and prevention therefore is the key to Bacterial Vaginosis treatment.  Prevention includes taking steps and measures with your lifestyle to stop BV from coming back.  Women who have a greater number of sex partners are known to be more likely to experience bacterial vaginosis, so it is important to either remain abstinent or in a monogamous relationship.


Douching is also known to be a risk factor of BV, as it interferes with the vagina’s balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria. Avoid wearing pants which are too tight and consider wearing cotton underwear in order to prevent recurring bacterial vaginosis.


There are several methods of treating Bacterial Vaginosis.  Two types of treatments include taking oral Bacterial Vaginosis medication, such as through antibiotics or inserting Bacterial Vaginosis medication into the vagina.


Both forms of medication work in similar ways, with the goal of killing bad bacteria.  Medications such as Rephresh, Enzara and Femanol are some basic brands which work to provide Bacterial Vaginosis relief.


Other alternatives are natural remedies and prescriptions.  For example, yogurts and healthy bacteria can help in fighting the discomforts of Bacteria Vaginosis. There are herbal remedies, foods and most importantly, changes in diet which help to stop the vaginosis from causing irritation.


This promotes the growth of good bacteria resulting in stronger immunity and keeping in check those bad bacteria which causes bacterial vaginosis.  Research concludes that these remedies can help in the cure of this disease.


You also need to understand side effects which may occur when you use antibiotics or other medication to cure bacterial vaginosis.  For example, taking oral medications may cause basic side effects, such as nausea.  Other problems may also occur, especially if you are taking a mixture of medications.  Side effects vary according to body type.


You also should not take these types of treatments when you are pregnant, as it can lead to complications.  You also have to know that though antibiotics do destroy bad or harmful bacteria, they cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria so they will destroy the beneficial bacteria, at the same time.


This can cause the recurrence of bacterial vaginosis as well as increasing the risk of getting a yeast infection.  This occurs if the bacteria remain imbalanced, which leads to the further complications.


If the bacteria stay imbalanced, it can also increase the risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) which makes problems worse and compounds the original problem of BV and other symptoms that are related to the disease.


Among the several options available for Bacterial Vagnosis Treatment, you should choose those that not only can prevent the symptoms of BV from coming back but, provides extra assistance in treatment. The best treatment is the one that adopts a total approach to fighting bacterial vaginosis, using the right combination of remedies and ways that have minimum side-effects or complications.


To find out more about how you can successfully fight bacterial vaginosis without any side-effect and chance of recurrence, go to Home Remedies to get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis.

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