Vaginal Odor: How to Keep My Vagina Smelling Fresh All Day




Vagina does smell and that smell is natural and attracts men. Most women have natural vaginal odor, ranging from mild to pungent. Under normal circumstances, no one ever smells any odors from a girl’s vagina. A healthy vagina’s scent is usually mild, although some women naturally produce a stronger odor than others. At certain times of the month the smell will change, becoming more or less pronounced.


Feminine odor, amount of vaginal discharge and consistency of vaginal discharge naturally fluctuate throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle. Emotional stress, ovulation and pregnancy are also normal causes of increased vaginal discharge.


But if the odor is described as sour, foul, fishy or unpleasant with itching and abnormal amount of discharge, you should visit your gynecologist to check if there are underlying problems. Often this is a sign of bacterial infection of the vaginal area and the most common type of infection is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). This is due to a disruption of the balance between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ bacteria, causing an overgrowth of those bad ones.


If you are suffering from BV, you should seek treatment as soon as you can. This is because, if left untreated, Bacterial Vaginosis can increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, affecting your ability to conceive and greater chance of miscarriage or premature birth in the case of pregnant women.


The normal treatment is antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria first. However, to play safe because BV has higher chances of recurring, the normal treatment of antibiotics should be combined with other natural remedies with the aim to strengthen the immunity system to produce more of the good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria in check.


While you are treating BV, you can also do something to get rid of vaginal odor, which I will discuss in detail in the following paragraphs.


Effective hygiene


This is essential to eliminating the odor, but be careful not to overdo it, because the vagina can cleanse itself. The emphasis should be cleaning the outside of the vagina with a combination of baking soda and water occasionally or once a week to help eliminate odors. Don’t douche, because this may end up cleaning away those good bacteria that grow in the vagina that help keep normal acidity levels. You may consider using vaginal gels such as RePhresh or Acigel that can restore normal pH in the vagina, possibly preventing infections.


Wear breathable fabrics or loose-fitting clothing


Leather pants, nylon hosiery or Spandex bike shorts may not let sweat and bodily fluids evaporate quickly enough. The resulting moisture creates ideal conditions for odor-causing bacteria or yeast to thrive.


If you currently wear nylon underwear, change to cotton. Save the tight, leather or synthetic, glittery underwear for special occasions. Cotton is porous and will allow the vagina to get fresh air so that sweat can be evaporated, thus reducing the moisture that causes the increase in bacterial growth. This is especially so if you are going to be physically active. In addition, you can sprinkle a little cornstarch into your underwear to help absorb moisture and the subsequent odor.


Using natural herbs


Garlic and tea tree oil have antifungal properties that may reduce vaginal odors caused by vaginal infections.
When you are using garlic, you can make a paste and apply it to the vaginal area, or tie a clove of garlic and insert it into your vagina. When using tea tree oil, you add three drops of it into a cup of water, and then you can apply it to the vaginal area. Tea tree oil is intended for external use only; do not take it orally.


You can also dip a tampon in all-natural yogurt and then insert it into your vagina. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria that can balance the pH of the vagina, and reduce the spread of yeast infections. Use all-natural yogurt with no sugar or fruit added, that has live and active cultures.


Make changes to your diet


Cut down on the consumption of those strong, heavily scented or spiced foods (such as onion, garlic and strong spices), meat, sugar, dairy products and alcohol that have the potential to change your vaginal smell. Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables which can yield a milder scent. Eating plain yogurt with live cultures daily can help in reducing vaginal odors due to infections. The probiotics or active bacteria in yogurt are also helpful in preventing any recurring yeast infections.


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These are just some of the many ways to give yourself a healthy vagina that always smells fresh. When you smell good down there, it sure gives you a big boost of confidence in your sex life. So take action NOW and go to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor.


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