What Retinol is and how it can help you to Look Younger



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If you have always been searching for ways to how to look younger, you may have heard a lot about retinol and how it works wonder on the skin specifically. You may wonder what retinol is and how it can help you to look young and get rid of all those inevitable wrinkles associated with aging.


Well I have compiled a quick overview of this vitamin to take some of the guess work out of it for you and to help you decide whether or not this is something that will work for you.


First of all, retinol is a form of vitamin A that is found naturally only in animal products such as fish oils and liver. It is an anti-oxidant that may be beneficial in reducing free radicals which can lead to certain cancers.


Retinol was initially used as a treatment to help people who suffered from acne, but soon other results were noticed. Sun damage and wrinkles were also noticeable affected. Using a product that contains sufficient retinol can have beneficial results on your skin, making it feel firmer and softer.


Retinol helps to stimulate cell growth and it repairs damaged cells as well. Therefore it can help to improve skin cells on your face. It is best used as a topical cream if you are looking to reduce the signs on aging. It can be taken internally, but large doses can be toxic, so care must be taken.


Retinol is effective because of its natural ability to be absorbed through the first layers of your skin to the deeper layers that contain collagen and elastin. Elastin is a protein that helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity.


Collagen actually works the opposite in helping to maintain your skin’s firmness. Elastin is not produced by your body after puberty, so applying retinol is one of the best ways to support your skin’s elasticity.


Retinol can help to reduce age spots, while complementing the skin’s natural process to reduce the appearance of pore size. At the same time you will also notice less fine lines and deep wrinkles after only a few weeks.


Retinol can improve your overall skin condition as dead skin is sloughed off as new cells are generated. This new skin is delicate and should not be exposed to the sun. For this reason, if you are using any products that contain retinol, it is best to use it as a night cream.


When used in daytime, retinol will have the opposite effect and actually make skin age faster because it is more susceptible to the sun. If you intend to apply any retinol-containing product on your face for twice a day, it should be done only on those days when you do not intend to go out.


Because retinol degrades with exposure to light and air, therefore you should choose those retinol-containing products which have packaging that blocks out both.


Once opened, these products do not keep well and should be used within a couple of months. Something else to consider is that retinol, like all vitamin A derivatives, is NOT recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Finding a product that contains Retinol is an excellent way to address your anti-aging concerns. Products like Kollagen Intensiv have been clinically proven to not only reduce fine lines and wrinkles but also to help repair damaged skin caused by the sun and other affects.


The scientists and researchers who have developed this amazing anti-aging product containing retinol fully guarantee results – so you have nothing to lose except a few wrinkles and age spots! So why not give Kollagen Intensiv a try. You will be happy that you did.


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