What causes Skin Spots on Your Face and Body?



No matter which factor is responsible for your skin spots, you can remove them safely and easily with natural products in just a matter of weeks. You will not experience any side effects and your skin will be white and radiant once again!
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Skin spots are not actually harmful. They are sometimes referred to as age or liver spots. Most of the time, this skin condition becomes an annoying problem only when a person is conscious about the way he or she looks, especially for those who desperately want a clean, spotless skin.


Skin spots that are brown in color can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Freckles, rashes, moles, pregnancy, hormones, age, exposure to the sun, and other factors are cited as some of these factors. In most cases, this type of skin condition is called hyperpigmentation, in which dark spots appear in a certain areas of the skin as a result of a melanin increase.


The good news is that these spots can be treated. Laser technology, bleaching creams and exfoliation are some of the available treatments which you can make use of to get rid of skin spots.


But before actually starting to treat the different types of Skin Spots you will need to figure out how you personally came to have this skin conditions. Perhaps this is due too much time in the sun. Only you will know the answer. Now once you have isolated the cause then you can now move on to treat your skin spots.


Here’s a look at what causes skin spots on the face and body.


Skin spots caused by sun


Sun is the main factor triggering dark skin spots. When your skin is exposed to sun rays the production of melanin increases significantly. Melanin is what determines the pigment of your skin and the more that is present, the darker the skin becomes.


This is the reason you become tan but it also leads to skin discolorations in many people. Most people who develop spots this way will get them in places like the face, arms, back and shoulders.  In some areas the damage is so bad that the brown spots remain permanently on the skin.


For this reason it is highly important to protect the skin from the damaging action of the solar rays. Wear hats to cover your head and face, or apply high SPF (sun protection factor of at least 30) lotions to create a screen between the solar rays and the skin.


Use protection no matter if you are taking a walk in the park, go shopping or lie on the beach. It will be best if you can avoid staying outdoors for too long, at between 10 am to 3 pm, when the sun rays are their strongest.


Skin spots caused by age


As we become older, we will experience some specific signs of aging such as wrinkles, brown spots and loose skin. Nobody like this to happen, but not to worry because you can make the brown skin spots go away or at least diminish their frequency and their intense color by specific treatments (bleaching or exfoliation). Also, drinking about 8 glasses of water and having a balanced diet will postpone the apparition of brown skin spots and will diminish their size and intensity.


Skin spots caused by hormonal imbalances


Not all the factors triggering brown spots are external. Indeed, hormonal imbalances can also cause skin spots. This is especially so for pregnant women and other women who undergo treatments with estrogen. Skin spots appear as your body adjusts to having more hormones being thrown into it.


As you can see, the causes of brown skin spots and hyperpigmentation are multiple. Therefore, you have to know exactly which specific factor triggers your skin problem before you treat it, so that you will know exactly how to approach it.


No matter what factor is responsible for your skin spots, you can remove them safe and easy with natural products. Try learning how to make and use these simple, fast and effective natural recipes by clicking on Skin Whitening Forever and your brown skin spots will be gone in a matter of weeks. You will not experience any side effects and your skin will be white and radiant once again!


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